Thursday, January 3, 2008

Almost an un-sexy Christmas

I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks, mostly due to the fact that I've been very busy. In a non-sexual way. It's been Christmas and all, which means a lot of traveling, stress and family dinners. I'm very happy to be back home. Here's a bit of an update of the few things that happened before Christmas:

I saw Pet once more in December, on the 15th. I really wasn't in the mood to play with him, but thought I owed it to him. Besides, I had my period and was in a really shitty mood. I ended up taking him for a walk, litterary, around the block.

The thing is, being taken for a walk is one of the first things he suggested that I should do with him. I'm sure he imagined a quiet forest path with no one around, but he never specified that and I am the one in charge after all. He was wearing a leash underneath his jacket, so it wasn't really visible. It excited through his sleeve, and I held on to it there. He was mortified! I had so much fun, seeing him all cowered and emabarsed like that. There were a lot of people outside, but I'm pretty sure that no one noticed anything.

Except from the walk, I just spanked him a bit and let him on his way. Not a very rewarding session, but it was all I had the energy to do.

For my birthday, which was just before Christmas, T got me a pair of real police quality hand cuffs! I was absolutly thrilled, I don't think he could have gotten me anything better. I've been playing around with them ever since, bringing them with me everywhere and showing them off to everyone. We haven't played with them yet, but we will.

Just before I left to go to my parents house for Christmas, T and me had another quicky. I like that, I really do. He came visiting me at my parents house, and we did it there as well. It started out as just a quicky, but I was really wet so we ended up doing it for a bit longer. I had a very nice orgasm, in my parents house, in the guest bed. That was cool.

So yeah, December wasn't so bad, but nothing much has happened since then. I'll update this blogg with more information as soon as I have something to tell.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Sexy Blue! :D

    I absolutely agree on the subject of quickies. They are teh wunnerful! Had some myself lately, and it's good stuff. *nod*