Friday, May 23, 2008

Mutual masturbation

T and I haven't had sex in ages, because he's hurt himself. Any sharp movements or odd angles hurt. But just because we haven't had penetrating sex doesn't mean we haven't done other sexual activities.

Just this other night is a good example: We were going to bed, and were supposed to sleep. He'd just showered and still smelled nice and clean, and I knew his dick would be completely clean as well. I'd wanted to give him a blow job for several days, so that's exactly what I did. It was very nice. I genuinely enjoy giving blow jobs. He jerked off while having a tit in his mouth and a hand on my ass. I really felt involved, which is nice.

He went to the bathroom to clean up, and I wanted to come as well. So I started playing around with my vibrator (the pink one). I wrapped myself into my cover, to restrict my movements as much as possible. A little self-bondage there. When T got back from the bathroom, he laid on top of me, making it even more difficult to move. And just like that, with a vibrator on my clit, I came. It was nice. I enjoy involving him sometimes, and have done similar things several times before.

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