Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bondage bed

When I first moved away to go to University, I bought a bed. A beautiful, 1m50cm wide, black cast iron bed. It was love at first sight, and I still adore it. My parents never knew, but the reason why I insisted on a cast iron bed was for bondage purposes. The last two years, I've been living in a tiny flat that didn't have room for such a large bed. In stead I've had a 1m20cm bed without any bed posts at all. Horrible for anything related to BDSM, obviously.Now, in this new flat, there is a separate bedroom which has plenty of room for my own bed. I'm greatly enjoying having it back, both alone and together with T.

Whenever I masturbate alone, I tend to hook my legs in the footboard. Well, it isn't actually a "board", it's more like cast iron bars spaced 10-15cm appart. This means that I can hook my feet in there and pretend I'm stuck. With my feet inn, I can just reach the headboard (bars there too) with my hand, imagining I'm spread out. If I want my hands available, I go lower on the bed and slide my legs in among the bars, up to the knees. Can't move much at all! Usually, I put my legs in quite a bit apart, to underline the illusion that I'm tied down against my will.

This position will make me come alot faster than virtually any other position. I'm just so glad I've got my bed back!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I slept late this morning. T woke me up by snuggling me. Then we lay around, kissing and touching for over an hour before we finally actually had sex. I love having sex late in the morning. He quickly got a cramp in his thigh, which put a real damper on the mood. However, I refused to give up and we ended up trying an almost new position. We tried something similar about three years ago, but not with as much sucess. We probably did a better job with it now, because we know eachother better and have had alot more sex.

He was sitting up and leaning back on some pillows with his legs spread. I was sitting on my knees between his legs with my back to him. I put my legs underneath his thighs, standing on all four, and just leaned back onto his dick. He had a great view of my ass and ample oportunity to fondle it. The great part was that he didn't have to do any work, no movement, which made his cramp better. I had full controll over depth and tempo, which I enjoy. By sitting up more, I could even change the angle of penetration. It's like a doggy style, but with him sitting in stead of standing.. Or like me stradling him, but backwards and between his legs instead of accross them. Anyhow, it was very enjoyable and we'll definitly do it again. Perhaps with some anal play next time. We still have an analplug we've never tried. 

I'm looking forward to next time.

Monday, August 4, 2008


This new place has a complex shower head with multiple settings. Among them is a couple of different massage settings, one of which is hard and pulsing. I've never previously been able to come by only using the shower, but obviously I hadn't tried the right shower...

Not around

This is what lacking internet connection does to a person. I haven't been around all summer and that's the cause.

The good news is that I've had quite alot of sex. Never as much as I'd like, but more than I had this spring. So yeah!