Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rock Chick

I just ordered a new sex toy. It was somewhat of a spur of the moment thing. I've just gotten my first pay check from the new job and besides I've been wanting this toy for several months now. I feel the need to explore the world of g-spot orgasms a bit further. Sure, I do get them, but I just have this feeling that there's more sensations out there (or rather.. in there) to be discovered.

The new toy is called a Rock-Chick. It's made out of silicone, is very flexible and is meant to stimulate both the g-spot and the clit simultaneously. I've been searching around on various porn versions of youtube, to see if anyone had posted a video with it, but I couldn't find any. Anyhow, here's the company's website: http://www.rock-chick.com/

Buying the toy in Norway meant paying about 500 NOK plus postage and stuff. Not happening! I looked around on various English/American webshops, but there are SO many out there and I have no clue how reliable they are or how long they take to ship things to Norway. In the end, I just gave up looking and bought it from the company's website. At least they ought to be reliable. It ended up at a total of 36 pounds (including the 6 pounds postage and handling), and with today's currency rates that equals 372 NOK. Not half bad, in my opinion.

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