Monday, January 12, 2009

Cum shots

Sex again yesterday. I like sex. *grins* We wached the rest of the Mike Beck movie, and then continued on in the bedroom. I gave him a blow job while he fucked me with his fingers, and I got really close to coming just from that. Then I got on top and we fucked until we'd both orgasmed.

I truly enjoy giving blow jobs, even though I can't stand the cum shots in porn movies, especially those to the face. It's not that I dislike sperm, I just can't stand it in the face. If he has to come in my mouth, he comes, I swallow and that's it (though I've never much enjoyed the flavor). No messing around with it or eating it off a spoon. I just don't get why cumming on a woman's face has become such a standard way of doing things in porn. It's disgusting!

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  1. You should try Mike Beck's "Frestelsens hus". It actually has a few sex scenes not ending with a money shot.