Sunday, September 13, 2009

Going up!

My interest for BDSM, both the BDSM scene and the general practice of BDSM, has it's ups and downs. One cycle takes about three or four years, give or take half a year. Luckily, the low points last alot shorter than the high ones. I've had a very low point this past half year, but I feel I'm on my way up again now. This is partially due to a couple of new aquantances I've made these last couple of weeks, both of them Dominant males without much practical experience.

Something in me wants to take care of them, teach them and give the confidence. Not because I think there could be any permanent agreement between us, I've got a boyfriend already and besides I'm really just interested in single scenes. It's partially, like I said, because I'd like to help them. And partially because I'd like the thrill of a new person involved in my sexual life, a fresh outlook, new techniques and ideas. Not to mention I'd like to experience BDSM play to a greater extent (as in: more often) than I do these days. I don't think I'd fuck any of them, even if it was permitted, but one can do alot of fun BDSM stuff without it ever comming to sex.

These are interesting times, I'm looking forward to what the future will bring. :)

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