Saturday, October 17, 2009

After the fact

So this is the report from the play session I told you about in my previous entry. It played out pretty much as planned, so I won't bother repeating all of it. I'm really pleased with my timing during the actual play. My sense of time tends to get a little crazy when I'm distracted like that, but this time we got through most of the "program" in little over an hour. Which was very much like I'd planned it. It gave me time to prepare the public play bondage in my own appartement, having him drive his car with decorative ropes on his arms and such.

One thing I didn't write up in my previous post, but which I had thought about doing some time soon, was have him jerk off while tied down. Previously, he's just come without any direct stimuli from either of us (just the ropes and him lying on his stommack). I wanted it done to further his trust in me and further habituating him to the fact that his sexual life might actually involve another person occationally. I didn't actually see his dick (his hands were in his boxer shorts) and I didn't do any of the touching, ofcourse. Basically, I hogtied him and got him really worked up. Then I turned him onto his back, and ordered him to masturbate until he came. He was blindfolded and gaged, but I kept touching his chest and head, doing breathcontroll and giving him the occational pinch. I refused to let him dream himself away to somewhere else and forget that I was there. I was partially expecting him to refuse all together, and I'm really proud of him for daring to do it. Being gaged and blindfolded probably helped, but if he'd wanted to protest he could have done so. I'd expected him to take alot longer in actually comming, as doing something like that in front of someone else isn't easy. In fact, he came rather quickly. Soon after I removed the gag, but left him tied up and with the blindfold on for a bit longer.

He only got to stay at the BDSM party for about an hour before he had to leave, and he had his arms tied behind him (like the picture I showed in my previous post, kinda) most of the time. About half the time he was gaged and blindfolded as well. I got to lead him around a bit, but not as much as I'd wanted. The lack of a colar is heartfelt. He's ordered a posture colar online (at my urging), but it isn't the most comfortable for long-time use. I might take him colar shopping at a local pet store some day soon.

All in all I'm very pleased with his progress. He's alot less tense when we're playing now, daring to trust me and do as I want him to do. There's probably some submissive tendencies in him somewhere, but up untill now they've just been overwhelmed by his fetish for bondage. When we aren't playing, he's also becomming more used to my presence and generally more trusting. He jokes alot, smiles more than he used to and just seems more at ease. All in all, I'm pleased to have him as my toy.

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