Friday, October 16, 2009

Planning a session

It's the evening before another play session with Mondage, and this is yet another entry I won't post until afterwards. I'm writing this now for you to get a view on how I plan stuff like this. Now, first of all this session will be special because we have very little time. Here's the preliminary scedual (I don't usually plan as detailed as this, but like I said: Limited time):

3pm: I show up at his place. We eat. I might start the teasing here already, touching him, grabbing him and holding him down. Perhaps wrestling a bit. We'll see.

5pm: By now we should have arrived at my place and started playing. We'll only have the time for one position, which will probably be the hogtie. I'm contemplating spreading his legs wide open, perhaps using an improvised spreader bar of some kind... Or just tying him to the table legs. We'll see. I'm also thinking I'll introduce some more real pain this session, probably by using a riding crop on his thighs. There will definitly be the usual teasing, nibbling, biting, scratching and breath control. Perhaps I'll use ice cubes some more. I hope I can make him come, though I won't have much time to do it.

7pm: By now we should be done, and preparing to go back to his place to dump the bondage gear and leave the car. We'll be going by buss to a BDSM party at a friend's place. Either in my appartement or in his, I'll have hopefully tied him into something like this. Once we're ready to leave his place, I'll tie his arms together in a tightened version of this. Then I'll dress him in his outer jacket, and we'll go catch a buss. I know he's been dreaming of public play, and this is a quite safe way to do it.

8pm/9pm: We'll be arriving at the party around now. I plan to keep playing with Mondage there for as long as I can. Among other things, I plan on blindfolding and gaging him (which I know he loves), as well as show off the bondage work I've done (assuming I've made it work at all). I might keep him on the floor, to be used as a foot rest, at least for a short while. I'm not sure, it depends on who else is there and what they're up to. Mondage will have to leave at 10pm.

So those are my plans for the evening, let's see how the day actually plays out. I'll keep you posted.

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