Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toy shopping

So, last Saturday I went toy shopping. The egg I bought in London only works occasionally, the dolphin is made of a material which attracts dust and dirt (which I dislike, and besides I've had it for about 5 years now!) and the hard pink vibrator is getting worn as well. The Rock Chic has it's uses, but the vibrating is only on/off, so I don't use it that often. I had basically nothing left that I enjoyed using frequently.

I'd planned to invest in a vibrator from FunFactory, but couldn't decide on one. The small ones looks great but are... well.. small.. And the large ones look so freakishly large, I'm not sure I'll be able to use it much. And for that price, I want something that'll see frequent use. I dragged T to the shop today and showed him the large one that I prefered (which was the "Patchy Paul"). After surfing around online today and thinking about it, I've actually changed my mind: "Stubby" is my guy. Because, let's face it, I don't need a huge, long vibrator. I need something powerfull and propery curvey that will stimulate what I want stimulated. And I'm pretty sure Stubby can do that. It, he, excists with a 2G (2nd Generation) motor as well as a 3G motor. I think I'd prefer the 3G one, even though it's more expensive. I've read up on it, and besides the price difference isn't that huge. Not to mention that the 3G version excists in black! Hehe! In any case, I suspect it needs to be ordered online as I haven't seen G3 in any Norwegian stores yet.

What I did end up buying was a new egg, this one wireless. So far I'm pleased with it. I would have prefered simple vibrations in various intensities over all these programs, but you can't have everything. Two or three of the programs are ok. The rest are pretty useless. But it makes me come, and that's the most important part, really.

On impulse, I also bought a new ballgag (with breathing holes), because my old one broke a long time ago and I wanted a new one. Besides, it was really cheap.

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