Thursday, December 3, 2009

Calm and trusting

Last Friday and Saturday, I played with Mondage again. Friday wasn't planned, we just happened to be going to the same event, and I took the chance offered to me. He's been talking about public bondage, public gaging etc. So while driving, I made him wear a ball gag (which I hid with a scarf). He kinda freaked out a little, but I think he'll start to enjoy it if he gets used to it. So I'll definitly do something similar to him at another time. This same evening, I also tied his wrists together and had him walk around in public with that. Fun, and also something I'll probably do to him again. Still... The gaging was better!

Saturday we played like we've done before. Only truly new thing I did was put him over my lap while spanking him. I also tied him to himself while lying there. It was fun and it gave me alot of controll over his body and alowed me to reach most of his body at once. I also tried a tiny bit of falaka (foot torture), but not much.

To me, what really defined this day, happened earlier. While sitting in the couch with him, I did some breath controll. I tend to hold him for 20-40 seconds, sometimes pushing him to 50 seconds if I feel he can take it. He was really relaxed, really trusting and it was simply a great time. I wanted to really see that trust displayed, so I told him to look into my eyes while I kept his nose and mouth closed. And he did. He didn't struggle, make noises, look scared or anything. So I kept holding him... For one whole minute! That was just incredible! Not really the length, because holding your breath for a minute isn't THAT hard... But the fact that he trusts me so much, enough to trust that I'll let him breathe when I want him to. He didn't even seem impatient for it, nor scared, just calm and trusting. The connection betwen us just feels wonderful. I didn't think I'd ever get to such a point with him, and I'm just really pleased.

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