Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vacations are nice

The winter holidays have just begun, and the decrease in stress and stuff is noticeable. This morning, my boyfriend surprised me with some Sunday morning sex. I really like surprises like that. It's quite strange, how every single time I go down on him I get surprised with how much I love doing it. I mean, I know that I like giving blow jobs.. It's just how MUCH I love doing it, I seem to forget that between each time I do it. Odd.. This morning, I didn't need to use any lube either, even though it was somewhat of a quicky. Sucking that dick made me more than wet enough.

I've also played twice with Mondage since the last time I wrote. The only new thing I've done was to hogtie him on top of the kitchen table and shove a vibrator up is ass. I told him not to come, but he came anyway. Didn't punish him for it, because he was mentally punishing himself already. He felt terrible about it, so I did more comforting than punishing.

I've considered bringing him outside and burying him upright in a pile of snow. So that he's stuck in snow up to his armpits.. And then trow snowballs at him or something. But that never really fit with the rest of my plans, so I've given up on the idea.