Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today's title is "Stretching", because today have been about stretching.. Both boundaries and other things. More precisely, I've spent the day playing with Mondage. He arrived around 1pm, now it's 10:45pm and he's just left. We didn't play all the time, we had a couple of hours of break from 5 to 7pm. But still, that leaves a lot of time for BDSM activities.

So what have I done to him today?

First I tied him to a chair, sitting upright like usual but unable to move. I tried doing bondage on his head, but it didn't work out very well. Exchanged my ropes for his ball gag trainer, which already has straps all across his head. Then I placed him in front of the computer and had him watch some bondage porn he told me he really likes. In the meanwhile I did some light reading and some house work. When he'd gotten horny enough, after about 35 minutes waching porn, I placed him in a hog tie on the floor. He'd been forbidden to cum, but I saw that he was struggling. So after tying him down, I gave him permission. He came after just a couple of minutes, and then lie in the hog tie relaxing for another 10-15 minutes. I didn't really touch him sexually at all, he came from the bondage alone. I liked that.

Then we spent another half an hour or so playing around with some bondage tape he's bought. I placed him in another hogtie, but by then his back was starting to hurt so I had to untie him. Then we had a break and ate some pizza for dinner.

After dinner, I tried placing him on various other poses on the chair. I especially liked having him kneeling on the chair, his arms supported by another chair. Having him on all four like that, just half a meter higher than regular, was really nice. It gave me full access to his body, without having to crawl around on the floor myself. So I tied him down like that. 

I took advantage of the situation and hit him a bit on his butt and back. I used a soft flogger to warm him up a bit, and then took a leather belt to him. It hurt a lot, so he wasn't about to take much of it. But it was really fun, at least for me. I just love seeing men in pain, knowing I was the one to inflict that pain upon them. Knowing that they, willingly and with full knowledge of what was to come, agreed to let me do it. I guess what I need is a masochist who's actually as turned on by that as I am. Mondage, whilst a lovely guy who's fun to play with, is definitely no masochist.

Having had my fun, I moved him down onto the floor again and into another hogtie. I then let him be for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I'd decided I wanted to make him cum again. He shouldn't just cum because he wanted to, I wanted to control it and take the decision to cum away from him. I enjoy being in control, being given ever-increasing power over Mondage' mind and body. It's a true power trip. So I had him cum, by slipping four gloved fingers up his ass and stimulating his prostate to such a degree that he had no choice but to come.

I've never had that many fingers into him before. I tried getting the knuckles in as well, but he couldn't take it and I wasn't patient enough to work him until he could. I'd decided he should cum, and that was my main priority. Still, fisting is on the list of stuff I'd like to try one day.

So today, I stretched Mondage' ass further than I've ever done before. And he's still somewhat shell shocked that he can actually find pleasure in anal stimulation. I enjoy stretching his limits, having him re-evaluate his opinions and having him discover new things about himself. I also enjoy the power he gives me, and the right to do increasingly strange and wondrous things to him.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


We had sex earlier this week. Tuesday, I think.. Or Monday? Can't remember. It started because I noticed T was semi-hard, and so I went down on him. Did I mention I love sucking his cock? I suppose I did, hu? :P Anyhow, one thing led to the other and we had sex. It was nice. I like sex.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not in the mood?

I could have had sex on Sunday, but I wasn't in the mood. That's really odd.