Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dominant/sadist fantasies

A list of stuff I fantasize about doing to someone. Some might be better left in my mind, some I wouldn't mind being able to do in real life. I won't tell you which are which.

Face sitting, possibly combined with breath control. Primarily to show dominance and control.
Face sitting, as used to force someone to oral sex. Force someone to satisfy me. Preferably whilst he's been immobilized by ropes or something.
Sitting in a queening chair, preferably somewhere public, having someone pleasure me orally.
Tying a dildo or similar to a man's head, mouth (gag), hand, putting a strap-on around his waist etc, and fucking that. Not him.
Tying someone over a bench or similar, and taking them from behind with a strap-on.
Orgasm denial, restraint and control. Chastity. Having them beg and still tell them no.
Basically having a man as my sex toy. One I can use when I like, how I like.
Having a real spanking/whipping session, with proper equipment and locations. One that lasts quite a while, that pushes boundaries and that leaves bruises.
Forcing him to look me in the eyes, while I somehow hurt him 'till he cries.

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