Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving out and moving in

So we've moved out of our appartement in Trondheim, and with the help of some great friends we managed to get it sparkly clean in just a few hours. Then we drove to Oslo, and with the help of a couple of good friends managed to carry all our stuff into the appartement we're renting here. Lucky we had help because it was pouring rain and if we hdn't been quick a lot more cardboard boxes would have disintegrated.

Since Monday, we've been busy trying to get stuff packed out and such. There's been a few bumps on the road.. Like the washing mashine not fitting the water fosset here, so we had to get a thingy from a hardware store.. Twice. And we still have a leak, meaning I need to go back a third time. And realising late Monday night that our bed finally has given up on us, having to de-assemble it again and throw it out. We've bought a new one now, and also invested in new matrasses and such. Which obviously cost money we hadn't planned on spending on that.. Let's just say we'll do without curtains for a while.. :P And like my fiancée's computer breaking down... It's just a bit of extra stress that we really didn't need right now.

On Wednesday next week, we'll travel back up to Trondheim for a big LARP event in that area. And once we get back, it's time to start dealing with the real world... Jobs and such. So there's a lot going on and there's a lot on our minds.

And yet.. With all that.. T and I STILL had sex earlier this week. He's getting really good at initializing it, and I'm getting good at not rejecting the notion out of hand. I know that whilst I might not be in the mood right now, a bit of cuddling usually gets me in the mood pretty quickly. :) I take it as a really good sign that we're still having sex with all this stuff going on in our lives. :)

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