Friday, September 10, 2010

A REALLY old friend

Haha, ok third entry tonight. I'm stopping now, I promise. :P

Just wanted to share this little tidbit with you. I had no idea it still excisted online!

I must have been 14 or so when I wrote this, as I remember writing it at home and I moved away when I'd finished junior high (ungdomsskolen). That means this is probably from the year 2000, though that's more than a little guesswork. At this point I had no sexual experience. I'd never even been kissed. All I had to go on was my own imagination and what I'd read in all those short stories. Those facts taken into concideration, this isn't that bad. However, I won't call it great writing either.

I'm sorry it's just in Norwegian, but I can't be bothered to translate it. For those of you who CAN read Norwegian, have fun:

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