Monday, September 6, 2010

How to BDSMify an appartement?

How to make our appartement more BDSM-friendly? Here's my todo list:

1. Get curtains! Preferably dark, heavy ones that can shut out light and unwelcome eyes and shut in any noise.
2. Find out where the beams/support structure of the rooms are. Install subtle, yet strong hooks and rings in walls and celings. Disguise by hanging lamps or plants from them.
3. Ensure that the appartement is always stocked with essentialls: Candles, ice cubes, vinyl gloves and such.. And ofcourse flat kitchen utensils and a nice shoe horn (IKEA's "Omsorg" (meaning "Care") is recomended).
4. Have a working stereo, computer speakers or similar. A bit of background music can work wonders in disguising the noises you don't want the neighbours to hear.

Step 1 and 2 are work in progress. Will get them done within the next few months.

Last week, I bought some new ropes from the store known as Biltema. 20 meters for 129 NOK is very cheap. The ropes aren't great, but they are ok. I split it into two 10 meter pieces, as that's more managable.

Since I couldn't find any of my spanking equipment, I went to IKEA today to buy a new shoe horn. At least that gives me something I can use. Besides, there's always books. I've spanked people with books before. :P

In town today, I also got ahold of bandage scissors. They are angled, and thus safer to use near the skin, should I have to cut some ropes. Besides, they're small enough to fit easily into my hand bag, which is always a plus.

Since I got home, I've made three trays of ice cubes. I hope they'll be nice and frozen by tomorrow.

Why all the fuss? Well, Corvus is comming tomorrow. This will be the first session where we're all alone in safe, warm enviornements. We have several hours to play. I'm feeling slightly apprehensive, as I don't know him that well yet, but I think it'll be cool. I just want to be well prepared, that's all.

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