Sunday, November 21, 2010


After the previous blog entry, corvus finally gave me permision to be more explisit when I talk about his fetishes. So I will now spill the beans: He has a big fetish for corsets and high heels, both wearing and seeing others wear. Mostly, or so he says, because they are both restrictive. He also has a thing for cross dressing, which didn't come as much of a surprise to me seeing as he already loved corsets and heels. He's fairly comfortable with his kinks when he's on his own, alone. However, showing them off to others is a whole other matter. My goal is to be able to make him enjoy wearing women's clothes at a BDSM party. And I believe that goal to be 100% obtainable. From feeling apprehensive and a bit embarassed when other people see him wearing a corset, to now being able to thoroughly enjoy wearing women's underwear in my presence.. He's already come a long way. I'm proud of him.

Two weeks ago, we went to a cruising party. I had him wear women's panties and pantyhose underneath his regular clothing. Even though it wasn't visible, that's still a first for him. Another first was forcing him to wear women's shoes (pumps with high heels) at the club. Only when we were hidden away in a dark corner, shaded by a partially see-through curtain.. No one had a chance of actually spotting the shoes. Still, he was incredibly nervous and embarassed. He did it, though. I'm very pleased about that.

Every time he's been made to do something relating to his kinks for the first time, he's felt awfull. Embarassed, nervous, not wanting to do it at all. However, already the second time around he's been more comfortable with it. To the point where he's now getting a serious hard-on when I force him into women's panties. So it is my hope that next time I make him wear heels at the club, he'll be more comfortable with it. And eventually he'll enjoy it. Then it's time to stretch him further. And so it goes. Eventually, he'll not only handle being cross dressed at the club, he'll come to enjoy it.

After the cruising party, I brough him back home with me. As T was away, I had him sleep on a mattress on the floor by the end of the bed. I tied him securly, but loosely enough that he might turn around and such.

Sometimes during that weekend, can't exactly remember when, I sat on his face and had me lick me. Not for long, mainly to make him used to the idea. However, it was awsome, wonderful and just simply nice. I will certainly have him do that again sometime soon.

So that was one weekend. The next weekend, that is one week ago, T and I relaxed at home. No party, no nothing. We had sex, and it was very nice. It's been a while, because two weeks ago he was away (in Trondheim), and three weeks ago I was away (in Bergen). I love those lazy mornings with him, when we can simply spend time together and be good to one another.

The last couple of weeks, T has started playing with another woman. I'll name her DW. She's a cute submissive who lets him fondle, spank and fuck her. I'm happy he finally has someone to play with too. It isn't fair that I'm the only one to play with someone else. Besides, she's kinda hot.. I enjoy waching him with her. Guess I'm quite a voyeur. :P

On Friday, I went to the movies with B. While I was away, DW and T had some time alone at home. She stayed the night, and although I was fairly tired and spend most of the time asleep, I still got to see them play a bit. It was fun, I hope to see it again.

Saturday, I went to a fetish party with corvus. It was fun. A lot of nicely dressed people, fairly nice music (if too loud).. We had a fun time. We played a bit, because we needed a break from the loud music and it seemed he needed it. We discovered, however, that what he really needed was affection and for someone to hold him. So we left the party sometime after 2:20am and went to play in the car instead. There, I beat him 'till he started crying and then held him while he emptied himself. At 5 am, he drove me home. I'm hoping this will have helped him relieve some of the tention and anxiety he's been dragging around this past week. I truly want what's best for him.

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