Monday, December 6, 2010

T and I: A ratio of 2:2

T and I went to a cruising party on Saturday. Corvus couldn't come, but I managed to amuse myself even so. Along with two other girls, I "attacked" a nice guy whom I've talked with a bit previously. I read his profile on Fetlife and got intrigued, and that's why I wanted to try him out. However, I quickly noticed that I couldn't get the connection I wanted. We were simply too many people involved. So I backed off in favor of one of the other girls. Later, after they had finished, I tried playing with him again. It was fairly ok. We were both tired, so I didn't get him down as far as I would have liked. Still, it was a nice way of getting to know him.

Inbetween the two attempts with this other guy, I got a bit involved with a couple I've known for a while. They both switch, but tonight she was the sub. They've wanted me involved in their playing for a few weeks, so they were very pleased when I asked to join them. He'd already made her nice and hot, and she makes the most beautiful sounds when she gets spanked. I spanked her a bit, fingered her a bit, fondled her a bit, grabbed her hair and said nice things to her. I gave her an orgasm and I made her cry a bit. That was my goal, and so I'm fairly pleased with that. However, she didn't break down properly, she only cried for a few minuters. Will have to work on that in the future.

Playing with a guy who wasn't Corvus felt really weird. Except from grabbing ahold of Winnie from time to time, Corvus is the only one I've played with these last few months. This other guy recated differently, more vocally, and enjoyed different things. Given a choice, I much prefer Corvus, probably because he's known. Familiar. And I can much easier read his body language, play his emotions and his body like a musical instrument. And I trust him soooo much more. I'm looking forward to Tuesday when Corvus and I will play again, just us. It's going to be nice (at least for me...).

At the party, T had played a bit with a woman I'm naming Flower. She lives an hour outside of Oslo, so once before she slept at our place after a party. I suggested she'd come home with us again, and she accepted. I knew T would probably want to play more with her in the privacy of our own home. Although she's nice and sexy and such, I was simpy too tired to get involved. Once home, I told them both how I felt, wished them luck, and went to bed.

The next morning.. Well.. Afternoon.. I found out that they'd gone to bed sometime after 8am. Flower took her time getting out the door, and T took advantage of her procrastination. He grabbed onto her breasts, fondled them, pinched them and made her moan and scream. I sat in the other end of the couch, waching them. Listening to her turned me on, and I knew T was enjoying himself tremendously. They finished off with her giving him a blowjob. He came and she swallowed. I'm impressed by her stamina and tenacity. Apparently, she'd done it that previous night as well.

After she'd left, I told T that waching them turned me on. I asked him if he'd be willing to finger me to an orgasm, and we went into the bedroom. Two orgasms later, I was feeling much more relaxed. The last orgasm was weird. I sometimes start giggling after I've come, incontrollably. I'm used to that. But somehow, something T said made me laugh out loud. Uncontrollably. For quite some time. It was very weird and I kept loosing my breath. It wasn't uncomfortable in any way, but not something I wish to repeat either. It just felt really weird.

So that's what the title is about. As opposed to last weekend with Corvus, this time T got two orgasms and I got two. We are equals, so it's only fair. And I do love how he does it. He's gooood.

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