Sunday, February 20, 2011

A short summary of last week's events

Played some more with Corvus last week.

I've started teasing him, turning him on and then denying him the pleasure of comming. That's fun. I just love waching him squirm and moan with pleasure, knowing his pleasure is mine to control. :)

I've also practiced verbally abusing him, humiliating him by calling him names and making him feel small and worthless. It's... Tricky. It feels so fake, it makes me feel awkward and it's difficult to think up nasty things to say. Though in a way, it's fun too... Because it's a challenge. Corvus seems to like it, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered. But since he enjoys it, I might as well see if I can grow to enjoy it too. I want to get better at this, being able to do it effortlessly. Another wepon in my arsenal. Then I'll decide wether I really like doing it or not.

Last weekend, Corvus licked and fingered me to another orgasm. He's getting better at that. This time he didn't just enjoy that I was enjoying myself, he was actually getting turned on by it. That makes me feel a bit less selfish, so that's a good thing.

One last thing that's been going on: Corvus is now walking around with high heeled women's shoes in public. He's worn stiletto boots at the BDSM club, for everyone to see and admire. And he's worn wedge heeled boots around town. He might eventually get a few nasty reactions from people, but so far everything has gone well. I'm really proud of him for stepping out of the closet, showing off his fetish like that for everyone to see.

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