Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suspension: Proof of concept

Tuesday this week, we WOULD go to a much. And to ensure that we'd actually end up there, we decided (well, I decided) that we shouldn't play beforehand. In stead, we'd meet the following day to play.

The munch was nice. I haven't been there for a month, and when I was there last time I really didn't enjoy myself. Corvus was going through a really rough period, and I felt sad and abandoned and alone. Really not the right mood to be social and have fun. Anyhow, enough remenissing. This time, it was very nice.

An added bonus to the evening was a guy performing suspension in the main room of the club. This is a fairly uncommon occurence. Earlier that night, I'd showed the guy a bondage picture from Rhianna's newest music video "S&M". The hip-harness fascinated me, and I was wondering how it was done. The guy said he'd do something similar fairly shortly, and invited me to watch. So I sat pretty close and asked a few questions (after making sure questions were welcome).

It's probably the fourth or fifth time I've seen suspension done live. Every time the possition of the "suspendee" was different, so there's been no repetition. This time was different from the other times, as the technique the guy used was fairly simple. After waching, I felt fairly certain I could replicate it. Perhaps not perfectly, but well enough that it might work for me as well.

An hour or so later, I brough Corvus into the play room, where we proceded to try out that particular bondage technique. I needed to make sure I could make it work, while I still had someone available who might help me if I misremembered. To my pleasure, I remembered it well enough. And once Corvus was all tied up, it was too tempting not to attach him to the celing to see if I could make him fly.

It was very much a "don't try this at home"-kind of thing. The ropes were the old community ropes that the club has available for it's visitors. The attachement point was a pig-tail shaped hook in the celing. Gods know how long it's been there or how it was attached in the first place. The ropes might snap, the hook might fall down, not to mention that neither I nor Corvus had ever done suspension before. It was far from safe.

However, it was safe enough that I would risk it. The elevation wasn't high and Corvus had partial control so he could probably have saved himself if he'd fallen. We took the risk, and it was worth it.. Because it worked! I have done suspension for the first time and it was AWSOME! Corvus was 100% off the ground, hovering in mid air with only ropes supporting him. And I'd made it happen, all on my own. No one to help me, no one to teach me. Fuck yeah! Did I mention awsome? AWSOME!

It was far from perfect. We (I) need more practice placing the ropes on the right area of the limb, as well as balancing the different body parts. The weight on is distributed differently on Corvus and on the female "suspendee" that the guy had used for his demonstration. So we need practice. And better equipment. Still, he was off the ground and in bondage. It was suspention. We prooved we could make it work. I made it work!

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