Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've seen Corvus twice so far this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mostly, we've just kept eachother company without any major plans for play. However, I know that whenever I'm near him I have a very hard time keeping my hands off him... So ofcourse we've played. The focus has been giving him a good time, reminding him that he means something to someone and getting some food into that body of his. He keeps getting thinner, having lost over 5kg (11 pounds) in a couple of weeks. He never had much to loose in the first place, always being on the skinny side of fit. I worry.

On Tuesday, we went to the BDSM club here in Oslo. It's his first time back there in several months, and I'm really glad to have him with me again. And proud of him for facing it, even though he felt really unsure. He doesn't do well with smalltalk in large groups, because he doesn't take charge of the converastion and steer it towards topics where he can contribute. However, he does very well with smalltalk in smaller groups or one-to-one. He claims he doesn't do social situations well, but I feel he just prooved the oposite. He does very well, he just isn't that active in large groups yet. We all have our issues. I know I'm far from perfect myself, and I can easily get too domineering in large groups. That isn't right either. At least he doesn't make people annoyed with him.. :P

After being social for a few hours, we got sick of hearing people arguing about party concepts and "the way forward". We've heard it all before, and these disagreements go back at least 10 years. Not that interesting to us. So we went upstairs and started playing a bit. After a while, Corvus expressed a desire for a beating. I'm usure wether that was motivated by his own desires, or a desire to satisfy me. I've recently come to enjoy giving spankings again, after having a very fun time with LOL a few weeks ago. Corvus knows that, so perhaps he wanted to show me that I could have just as much fun with him...? Perhaps he felt threatened by my interest in LOL?

I don't know. His reasons are his own, bottom line is that both of us had a really good time. I took it slow, warming him up and never really trying to hurt him. I didn't want him to break, and wanted to see how much I could give him that he would be able to enjoy. Conclusion: More than I had expected. With a slow escalation and a lot of pleasurable stimuli to go with it, he was able to enjoy practically all of the spanking. He even got turned on by it for a while. This is something we will try again sometime soon. It was interesting and fun. :)

We met again on Wednesday, did some shopping and went back to my place. After rincing us both off in the shower, getting rid of the pollen that makes me unable to breathe properly, we made dinner. Well, I sat in the sofa telling him how he should procede to make me dinner. :P He also gave me a foot-rub and did other small favors for me. I like making him do things for me. I like using him as a house-slave. A service-sub. :)

We then retired to the bedroom, where I proceded to turn him on. I think that was as turned on as I've ever made him. "Off scale" as he said at one point. I had a finger up his ass while using a vibrator on his chastity cage and clamps on his nipples. Waching him squirm and moan, unable even to get properly hard, was a lot of fun. Afterwards I read up on prostate milking. Will definitly try that sometime. I like a challenge, and enjoy learning new techniques.

Afterwards I made him touch me. I ended up grabbing his hand and using a vibrator on the outside of his fingers, while I pressed his hand against my crotch. He had no say in the matter and I had full controll over him. I may, however, have bruised his fingers a bit. :P

After I had stopped shaking from a fairly enjoyable orgasm, we went back in the living room. I had felt a cold comming on for the entire evening, and had no energy left for anything. I just sat on the couch looking sleepy. Around 10pm I asked him to leave, as I really wasn't feeling well. I didn't even walk him to the door, which he understood. I then went to bed, and slept for 12 hours.

And now I have a cold. Yuk. :/

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