Monday, May 9, 2011

Crossdressing party

One of my old "protegees" from Trondheim has moved to Oslo, and on Tuesday I brought him to the BDSM club for the first time. He enjoyed it, and since I know he's a crossdresser I've been pushing him to join my little x-dress gang in the Pride Parade. (I'm not a crossdresser myself, I just seem to attract them..) However, to make him brave enough to walk down Oslo main street in plain daylight wearing women's clothes, he definitly needed practice. This was also a great opportunity to get Corvus to try on his female persona for the first time since December. She got a bit of a scare and has only recently started to resurface. Mouse is yet another crossdresser whom I'm trying to help (/push) out of his "closet".

Saturday there was a party at the BDSM club, and so I decided we should have a gathering at my place before heading out. T wasn't against the idea, and so we invited the three crossdressers as well as a handful of other friends. It turned out to be a very nice event. I combed through my closet, adding to the clothes the three guys already had, and helping them find stuff that looked good on them. I also did their makeup. All of a sudden, I'm the expert. That's really odd... As if I have such a great fashion sense or am so good at makeup! Ha!

Corvus arrived the evening before, to help me tidy the appartement and get it ready for guests. We didn't play much Friday night, because he arrived late and I was tired. On Saturday, he got up early and tidied and cleaned most of the appartement, so we actually had some time to play before the guests arrived. That was nice.

At the party, I got to play with a nice-looking woman. We've played a bit once before, at the New Years party a few months back. I haven't dared approach her after that because honestly she seems fairly inapproachable. Too confident, too sure of herself to ever be interested in me. Or so I think. Thought. She actually asked why I'd never tried to fondle or flirt with her.. And I told her, it was because I don't handle rejection well. At which point she stated fairly clearly that she wouldn't reject me. That's strong stuff! That's quite a confidence boost! She has no reason to want me or even like me, nothing to gain from it. So why would she? Perhaps she GENUINLY likes me..? A notion very difficult for me to believe, and yet I can find no other explanation for her behavior. Weird.

T and I have a new "project". I'm naming her Neighbour, because she lives closeby. She's another big girl, the way T likes them. And she's into BDSM. Unfortunately, she's a workaholic and somewhat of a restlest spirit. We never know if she will join us for events or munches, even if she says she will. Work in progress, I suppose. I don't know her well, but what I've seen has been nice. Somewhat of a nerd, reads comics and has even played some roleplaying games.

Anyhow: I've been carefully flirting with her the last couple of times I've seen her. And at the party I actually managed to kiss her. Fairly serious as kisses go, not just a peck. There was tongue involved. That was cool. T played with her later that evening, which (as I've been told) involved both a spanking and some more intimate touching. All our "work" (which is mainly T's work, to be honest, I haven't contributed much) is finally paying off. This is looking good.

Are we cynical about this? Is it wrong? I don't think it is, I think it's great fun and feels good, and therefore it is ok. But I know some people would think us not only despicable, but thoroughly weird. Oh well, that's their problem. We're having a good time and not hurting anyone, that's what matters to me.

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