Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some blog statistics

In total, since I started this blog in May 2009, the blog has been viewed 3 706 times. This past month, I've had a staggering 491 views.

The top 10 sites viewed most often (in all time) are these:
1. Spontantious sex, planned bondage, 186 times
2. BDSM weekend, 162 times
3. Answer to Maymay: On being bondage furniture, 159 times
4. Humiliation and chastity, 44 times
5. Cravings, 31 times
6. A recomendation, 28 times
7. Another toy on trial, 18
8. Dominant women: Where are they?,16 times
9. Unable to express myself (that's a first!), 14 times
10. Philosophical musing: Breaking and self-harm, 13 times

Notice that marked drop in views after the first three. What does this tell me? First of all, that the words I use in my titles are really, really important. "BDSM weekend" is in fact one of the top things people Google that leads them to me. Secondly, this teaches me that linking to other bloggers helps (like in number 3, 6 and 8 up there), and refering to them in the title helps even more. Especially when the blogger is very well known.

Another thing I notice is that a suprising number of posts from 2011 (even late 2011) are on that top 10 list. Now I've made A LOT of posts since May 2009. Seeing such latecommers up on that list means either that  2011 has brought me more followers or that I'm becomming more interesting and that gives me more hits somehow. Maybe it's both for all I know.

As for which refering websites generate traffic to my site, these are the most prominent ones. Not many suprises there, I must admit. :) Appart from various Google sites (.com, .no, and strangely .de), these ones were on top:
I'm pretty sure I've planted the link to my site at all of these locations, usually by leaving a comment on something and refering back to my site. I was rarely trying to get more traffic to my blog, though. I was usually just commenting on something or refering to the blog to avoid re-posting stuff on several sites. Still, it's nice to see more people stopping by here. :)

As for where in the world people are comming from, Norway is first and the USA is on second place. No suprise there, seeing as most of my refering sites are blogs written by Americans and I'm Norwegian. Still, there were some suprises further down the list...
The top 10 countries (all time):
Norway 1 307
USA 982
Canada 531
Great Britain 273
Germany 174
Australia 46
Sweden 34
Netherlands 28
Italy 25
Switzerland 22
I mean.. Switzerland?!? If you are from Switzerland and reading this, please leave a comment and say "hi". I'd love to know you actually exists, and aren't just a search bot or something. :)

That rounds off this evenings blog statistics summary. All these numbers are taken from Bloggers own statistics tool, which is built in to their blogging system. I tried using Google Analytics, but apparently I'm not savvy enough to get it to work properly.

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