Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tight has moved on

It's over between me and Tight. He ended it about a week ago.

I've been struggling with depression, and so haven't had the energy to see him or even talk to him much the last four months. So I knew it was comming, really. And I knew we needed to split up, it's the best for both of us. And I'm really relieved I didn't have to initiate that conversation.

 So I'm not sad, really, as I was prepared for it. But I was kind of melancholy about it. Thoughtful, kind of. The fact that he's gotten himself a serious relationship makes it better, actually. We haven't only drifted appart, but he's drifted TO something. And that makes me happy for him, as I want the best for him. So yeah, not sad but definitly thoughtful....

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