Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are awesome!

I was so happy when Rohosub picked up what I'd written about strap-on play, and shared it on his Tumblr. It's a huge compliment, when someone like what you've written so well that they want to share it with others. Of course, I've met Rohosub in real life a couple of times, and he's a great guy, so I figured he did it as a favor to me. You know... You're nicer with people you know, than you are with complete strangers.

But then more people shared it. And more, and more. And still, almost a month after I posted it, more activity is coming in. This is awesome! Reading the list of all the people who've seen my post, and liked or shared it, is such a confidence boost.

So this is a post to thank all of the people who like what I write. All of you who shared, or commented, or pressed "like" on Tumblr. Or who read my blog, and maybe even shared it with others. Thank you. You are awesome! :)

As an illustration, I'm adding this picture, which I also found on Rohosub's tumblr. I showed it to Saint the other day, because he's been struggling with accepting himself and keep saying that he's weak. He's not. He's a strong, masculine, great man. And I'm so glad that he's mine.

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  1. Thanky SO much. I love your blog!