Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Black and white paint

I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful sub and boyfriend in my Saint. Next week, we'll have been together for two years. Imagine that! Two years! It's certainly the longest relationship I've ever had with a play partner. I love him, and I'm so glad he's in my life. 

I usually go to our local BDSM club along with Saint, and we play and have fun. However, sometimes he doesn't have the time or the energy to go, and I head there on my own. In the beginning, he was hesitant when I wanted to play with others. He was afraid he'd loose me to someone "better" (as if anyone could be better than him). However, he's mostly gotten past these insecurities now, and I think we're stronger and better for it. I haven't played with lots of people, but there's been a few.

As usual, most of the people I play with a newbies. I like them, they're cute and eager, and I enjoy feeling superior and more experienced. However, I occationally encounter more experienced subs. The recent Halloween party gave me one such experience. I'd been mumbling and moaning that I didn't have anyone to play with, and about halfway through the evening and friend comes running up: "I found one, I found one!" I couldn't help but laugh, as I was dragged over to meet a guy in white and black facepaint. Turns out, I'd met him a couple of times before many years ago, but I didn't know him well and we'd never played. He was just visiting the city, so he wasn't a regular.

After having talked for a while, we played. He wasn't a masochist, so I avoided the typical things like spanking and such. Our play was more sensation-based, lots of variation, and kind of primal. I enjoy using teeth and nails, mouth and hands. I enjoy being close, pressing my body into the other's body and pinning them down.

There were no fireworks, but it was a highly enjoyable session. If he's back in the city sometime, and we're free at the same event, I'd like to play with him again. I just have to recognize him without the face paint... :P

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