Friday, November 27, 2015

Snapshots of humiliation and pain

It's been almost a week, but some images are still very clear.

Sitting over his naked body, hitting him with a small wooden club. Waching him writher underneath me, whimpering, shounting and begging.

Bending him over a small desk, fucking him roughly with a strap-on. First my pink one, then his huge black one.

Reminding him that people are waching, they see his humiliation and they can see and hear everything I do to him.

Making him ask me, beg me, to hurt and humiliate him. And making him repeat it, louder. I don't think the audience quite heard him the first time (or so I told him).

Slapping his face, spitting at him, calling him names.

Mocking his intellect, his ability to understand even the smallest and simplest of commands. First treating him like a slow, unwilling child, and then simply giving up on trying to teach him anything. Telling him that he's a disapointment.

Using a rubber-coated stick (which we've named The Elder Wand, because it looks like something out of Harry Potter), hitting him on any bodypart I can reach. When he moves one limb out of the way, I simply hit another. He's whimpering.

Using the back of a long-handled brush to hit him, and using the brush side to mockingly brush his back when he tries to curl up. Listening to his gasps, as he almost sobs.

Locking him in a pillory, bending over his back and grasping around his naked hips. A blow-up butt plug, being ground into his ass by the knee that I've forcefully pressed between his legs. Reminding him what I'm doing, reminding him that he loves this, and waching the shame and embarasement that floods his face.

Feeling his hips, and they grind down towards me. His ass just wants more, and more. Greedy. Horny. Yawning open, like some hungry animal, ready to devour anything and everything. Pointing this out to him. Calling him a horney ass slut. Waching him become flustered and start to stammer. Reapeting it. Making him repeat it.

Seeing him disolve into a puddle of sub-space. Everything becomes quiet, meditative. I want to keep him there, and so I keep hurting him. But I don't want to snap him out of it, so the hurt is never too much. Never sharp or sudden.

Telling him we will stop now. Having him curled up in a ball, snuggled in my lap. Covered, protected.

I'm so grateful.

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