Saturday, December 5, 2015

One Submissive Act

Thanks to Ferret, a sex positive blogger and author, I've recently discovered a site called One Submissive Act. This isn't a social network, or a dating site. It's very barebones, and based solely on one idea: Submissives post that they are willing to perform a submissive act, either to a person of their choosing or publically for anyone to claim. They don't get to decide what they do, only the difficulty level of the act. They also post their hard limits in their profiles, so the doms can avoid those.

The dominants may also post a demand, either to a specific person (by sending a link to someone, or by claiming one of the public submissive acts) or publically to any submissive who wants it. Again, the subs don't get to read the description of the act before they accept the demand. They only get to see the difficulty level, as well as the dom's hard limits.

If you're a switch, you can "battle" other switches. You both write up your demands. Whoever looses a game of rock-paper-scissors has to perform the other's demand.

Both subs, doms and switches can choose among a long range of genders, both self-identifying and also choosing their target audience. Public submissions/demands may be posted to every gender, or to your targeted audience.

Once a sub performs the act demanded, he must document the act through a photograph. The photo is uploaded to the site and shared only with the dom making the demand. At this point, the sub may write a comment. The dom, upon viewing the picture (and comment), may choose to also make a comment. The dom then grades the submission on a scale from A to F.

There is no further option for communication, unless another submission is made. And you can't send submissions/demands to specific profiles on the site, you can only target their public submissions/demands or copy the act's link and email it to someone. Nor can you search for profiles you haven't already acted with.

Why this might be a bad idea:
Assuming one chooses the public option, thus having the submissions/demands posted openly on the site: This removes almost all negotiation. The hard limits are there, but aside from that you have no idea what the other person likes or dislikes. The subs and doms don't actually talk to eachother before they start playing, and there is no option to continue talking afterwards. So no aftercare.

However, there is the option for the sub to "chicken out" of a demand after having read it. That will cancel the demand. It's also possible to choose reasons for this, for example that the demand is too dangerous to do. This is a good thing, as it basically leaves the option of using a safe word to get out of an act.

Why this might be a good idea:
There is no possibility for stalking people on the site. And no creepy, unsolicited messages that can flood someone's inbox. And no one to actually force you to do anything. Chickening out of an act doesn't have any consequences other than the act being terminated. Also, leaving an act undone doesn't have any consequences either. So it's fairly safe, assuming all people involved have enough self preservation to avoid harming themselves. The ability to target specific difficulty levels, means that someone who's not comfortable with full nudity and sexual acts, may still have fun submitting or demanding submission.

And last, but not least: It's fun. It's titillating, to demand something of a random group of kinky strangers. Hoping someone will bite. It's thrilling to see that someone has claimed your demand, and waiting for that photo to prove that they've performed the act. And it's great fun to see random kinky strangers actually doing the things you demand of them. Some follow the letter of the demand, some go above and beyond what you asked for. It's interesting to see their comments.

It's turns me on, knowing that I made this random stranger do this thing. That he felt exposed, small, humiliated and in pain, because of a demand I made. That I have the picture to prove it.

So yeah, I really like One Submissive Act. If you're interested in these sorts of things, I hope to see you there.