Sunday, January 10, 2016

I've never liked latex...

I have never liked latex. While I think it can look good, on pictures of stick thin models, I couldn't envision it on me. I didn't like how it felt when touching it, and I really disliked the smell.

Saint is a latex fetishist. I've known that since the start, but we never played with that kink. He has latex boxer briefs, but they've been too tight for him for years. About a year ago, I agreed to try them on for him. They were tight, but I got them on. Sitting on his face, while I was wearing latex, really turned him on.

I was pleased by his reaction, but still didn't really like the material. Also, the boxer briefs had the completely wrong fit, and were really too tight for me as well. However, I agreed to let him buy me a piece of latex lingerie that actually fit (we were specifically thinking of some sort of panties or g-string).

About six months ago, we got some self designed, made to measure, string panties. They're metallic blue, and I really like how they look. Unfortunately we didn't quite understand what measurements they wanted, resulting in the fit not being as good as it could have been. I've worn them quite a few times, especially when sitting on Saint's face. The string means the coverage is less, and I feel less trapped by them. Saint loves being able to taste and smell the latex, while at the same time being able to taste a smell my pussy. His enthusiasm and love for latex, means that I've grown less averse to it. I don't even hate the way it smells anymore. The smell reminds me of him, and of sexy, kinky, playful things.

Then about a month ago, we were at a local sex shop looking for an inflatable butt plug. We then stumbled upon quite a few latex and vinyl dresses that didn't look so bad. I like vinyl, and have an old vinyl dress I've recently had to get rid of because it was old and worn out. So I needed a new dress anyway. I'd never tried on a latex dress before, and probably wouldn't have tried one on now either if it wasn't for Saint.

So I tried on this one latex dress, and to my surprise it fit. Not only that, it looked like it was made for me. I looked and felt stunning in it, and when I looked at Saint I could see that he felt the same way. I don't think I've even seen him that turned on in public before. The dress had a polyester lining, meaning I didn't feel the sticky latex towards my skin. That made it much less unpleasant to wear.

So I bought the dress, with a 50% discount. How could I not?

A couple of weeks later, we went back and got low, black latex gloves that match the dress. I wore the dress (with a black lace top and a black bra underneath, because I felt there was too much tummy and too little boobs otherwise) and the gloves at a party at our local BDSM club, and I felt fantastic. Sexy, sophisticated, curvaceous, kinky. And I got lots of compliments as well.

Saint and I have played with the latex gloves several times since then, and I've very much enjoyed myself. It's come to the point where getting out the latex is my idea, not his. And I just love the reactions I get when I wear them. I can humiliate him, give him pain, tickle him and pinch him... But as long as I'm wearing the gloves, he gets turned on by it. I can't believe I've never wanted to play with his fetish before!

I have never liked latex. Except now I own laxex string briefs, a latex dress and latex gloves. And I love doing BDSM things while wearing them. It's strange and wonderful, how we adapt and change over time. I love that Saint has changed me as well, it's not just I who've changed him.

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