Monday, April 18, 2016

A proper pounding

As I wrote in a previous entry, Saint has been struggling to accept that I'm playing with Giant. He's agreed to it, but it's still difficult. Like I wrote earlier, every time I play with someone, it's a struggle. However, I think he's been handling it better this time. True, he had a rough couple of days, but he's started to snap out of it. That's a lot quicker than last time (with Donald).

One great thing about playing and flirting with new people is the NRE. The energy and increased horniness doesn't just benefit the new guy, it benefits every relationship that I'm involved with. I've certainly cuddled more with T in this past week that I did the previous month. With Saint, I've not so much been cuddly. I've rather been a horrible, horny, energetic bunny who just wants to hump everything. Of course, this doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Today, for example, we played rougher and more intense than we have in a long time. Not with pain, this time, but with a strap-on. I've fucked him with a strap-on before, but it's never worked this well. I didn't hurt him, he didn't grow sore, he was able to relax and everything went smoothly. I was just able to fuck him and fuck him and fuck him. Slow, hard, long or short, while standing up or cuddling close. It was really intense, and sweaty and hot. There's an intimacy, when one partner is inside of the other, that you can get in no other way. His eyes, his face, his body.. He's just perfect. The play was just perfect.

Once we grew tired of fucking, I sat on his face. I was sooo wet. He liked that. I liked that. I love him.

He's better now. The thought of me playing with Giant doesn't scare him as much anymore. Apparently, the cure for an insecure sub is a proper pounding. Good to know.

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