Friday, May 20, 2016

Cum shots

It's a porn stereotype that if men can't come inside of a woman's pussy, they should come on her face and chest. It's typically called a cum shot, and since it's so much more visual than coming inside of someone, you see them in porn all the time.

I've never been a fan of cum shots. Neither watching them, nor experiencing them.

First of all, I'm not that fond of the taste of semen. I haven't swallowed someone's load in years and years, because why should I? I don't particularly enjoy it. I don't actively hate it or anything, I just don't find it pleasant or sexy.

Secondly, I have serious issues with eating yucky things (or seeing people eating yucky things). That's the main reason why I have problems watching TV shows like Fear Factor, for example. It makes me feel sick. Even forcing Saint to eat his own cum is kind of grossing me out. I find it really hot to humiliate him into doing something he really hates. But I still find it kind of disgusting. And hot. And disgusting. (A very confusing experience, let me tell you!)

Third, I really don't like getting semen in my hair. It happened once or twice, when I was a teenager. I've always had long or semi-long hair, and with semen it gets these terrible, sticky tangles. It's annoying.

Fourth, I just don't see the point. It's messy and sticky and gets everywhere.

I talk about cum shots with most new partners eventually, and every single one has basically reacted by going "meh". As in "I don't really care" or "I never understood the point of that" or "It doesn't particularly turn me on". Every single one... Until Giant.

I don't know how the subject was broached originally, but I ended up letting him come on my chest and throat while we were in the shower. Simply because he'd told me that the idea turned him on. Being in the shower already made it easy to rinse off, and since I was the one jerking him off at the time I could more easily control the direction of the spurts.

I know that in porn, cum shots can be degrading and humiliating. But it felt nothing like that. I was in complete control of him. He was doing this because I'd told him to. I was clearly the dominant one, no matter who was physically on top.

Afterwards, he had a really favorable reaction to that scene. I could see in his eyes that this was something he'd really, truly enjoyed. We also talked about it, and he told me he'd greatly enjoyed it. And so yesterday, while he was sitting on my chest and I was sucking his dick, I let him come on me again. And then we did it one more time, late last night. Both those times yesterday we were in his bed, not in the shower. And one of the times, I did get some semen in my hair. And it was sticky and messy and made tangles. And BECAUSE he was so obviously turned on by it, it wasn't so bad...

I think it's the same as with latex. I used to actively dislike latex. I didn't like how it smelled or how it felt and certainly didn't want to wear it. But then Saint and started playing with it, and BECAUSE he really, really loves latex... My mind got changed. It wasn't something I did on purpose, it just happened. Now, when I smell latex, I get happy. Even before I've recognized the smell. And I think of Saint. And I associate it with sexual stuff. All because Saint really likes it.

Human sexuality is so malleable. We adapt to our partners' desires. That's really fantastic!
So while I'm still no great fan of cum shots... While I still wouldn't choose that particular activity for my sake... While I still really dislike semen in my hair... And while I'm definitely not turned on by cum shots.. I think I could be, with time. Because of him.

For him.

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