Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some sort of relationship

So Giant and I are in agreement that we have "some sort of relationship". No lables as of yet, but calling it a relationship is progress enough. I'm happy with that.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to settle into a new sort of routine, juggling the three of them. I spend 2-3 days per week with T, 2-3 days with Saint, and 1-2 with Giant. Sure, it's a bit stressful never being more than a night or two in the same place. But that was the case when I just had T and Saint as well. Another place to sleep doesn't really change that much.

Yesterday, for example, I was at Giant's place. It was calm. Nice. We spent much of the night talking, about everything and nothing. And we watched an episode of a TV-show. Everyday things.

And he rode my stap-on like he was at a rodeo, arching his back and moaning, while humping me. He had the wildest grin on his face, his eyes half-closed. Very sexy. I've got a sore spot on the mons pubis, where the base of the strap-on dildo was repeatedly and forcefully rammed into me. And he's got really sore muscles in his thighs. All well worth it, though.

I also sucked his dick a lot. I teased him relentlessly, edging him, not permitting him to come. Since I love sucking his dick, that just prolonged my joy, while tormenting him.

Great fun, all around.

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