Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The high points...

Giant came with me to our local BDSM club again tonight. It's his third visit there, and he's getting increasingly comfortable. Tonight there were fewer people, and he was able to relax and even get involved in conversations with a few of them. I also got to introduce him to some of my close friends in the BDSM community.

While he loves bondage, he's been skeptical of the idea of suspension from the very beginning... So of course this is an area where I've pushed and prodded. That's how I roll, after all: I find something he's uncertain of or something that scares him, we talk about it, and then I help him get past it.

We've been experimenting a bit with the box tie, and he's quite enjoyed that, but haven't had a suspension point from which to hang him. Luckily, our local BDSM club has several available suspension points. I would have been well pleased with a partial suspension tonight. We were unsure how he'd react to playing in a communal play area, and I was very unsure of how comfortable he would be with any form of suspension. However, it turns out that I was able to make him feel safe and secure. He was able to shut out all the background noise and the people watching, and just enjoy himself while under my care. And so he ended up flying in a full suspension for a couple of minutes. And he loved it.

My technique is rusty, so to make certain things were secure enough I probably made the rigging unnecessarily difficult for myself. I need to practice more, and luckily both Giant and Saint are glad to be my bunnies.

Also, I discovered that I don't have enough rope.
My ropes are all 6mm linen hemp. I originally had 6 lengths (bought from ESINEM), and then I got 3 that are about 1m shorter than the others (a mistake in cutting, but it doesn't really bother me), and then I bought a few more (2 lengths, I think) from an acquaintance in the BDSM scene. And I've had to cut up only 1 length, after a mishap with Saint in the shower over two years ago.
That SHOULD leave me with 10ish (or more, can't remember exactly how many I bought from that acquaintance). I'm currently only counting 8, and considering Giant's tall and muscular body I really wouldn't have had enough with 10 either. I need to buy more rope!

After calming down and chatting more with some friends, we went to one of the private play areas. I tied him to a St. Andrew's cross, and spanked him a bit. While he was physically able to take more than I gave him, I noticed that he was getting mentally worn out. So I stopped. But what little we did was fun, and well worth it.

We went back to his place afterwards, and ate watermelon. Or rather, he amused himself (and me) by eating/licking watermelon from my naked body. It was his idea, but I was more than happy to comply. He would touch the watermelon to for example a breast, I would gasp from the cold, and then he would lick and suck my breast warm again. In between, he would feed me some watermelon as well. It was really flirty and fun and innocent. A lovely scene.

To wash off the sticky watermelon juice, we headed to the showers. That also lead to some sexy fun, as I'm sure you can imagine.

These are the good things that happened tonight. I'm glad of this night, and I'm glad to be playing with Giant. It's worth it, despite the occasional low point.

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