Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tie and tease, with latex (Showboat part 2)

Saint and I played twice while we were at Showboat, doing basically the same thing both times. Saint was dressed in a latex body suit covering him from mid thigh to neck (like shorts and a t-shirt, only connected and made of latex). He also wore a full latex hood, with holes for eyes and mouth. (Around his neck was his collar, and I led him around on a leash.) Being a latex fetishist, this was really a dream night for him. I also wore my long latex gown, which he bought for me about a year ago. 

Both times we played, I layed him on his back on a padded bench. I blindfolded him and put a ball gag in his mouth. Already at this point, he was drifting into sub mode. Calm, submissive and horny. I attached his arms and legs to the bench, using some of it's numerous attachment points. Then I started to tie down the rest of his body, using rope. At this point, I had to interrupt our first session, because Saint really wanted to catch the fetish show that would go on at midnight. Once that was over, we went back and started again. 

Both the sessions, this one couple kept watching us. I made sure I stood so that they could clearly see what I did. I enjoy teaching, after all, and don't mind showing off a little. We spoke to them a bit afterwards. He was fairly experienced, a switch who craved to be the sub. She was completely inexperienced, but curious and willing to learn. I explained a fair bit about us and our dynamic. We spoke with them at length after all our playing was done, and they ended up driving us back to Amsterdam. Which saved us 60+ euros on taxi. Very fortunate, and very nice people.

But back to the next play session: 
Saint's legs were spread apart and tied down to the bench. Ropes running across his stomach. His chest and arms tied down to the bench, so tight he could barely lift his head. Gaged. Blindfolded. Covered from mid thigh to the top of his head in latex. Yeah, he was a happy latex- and bondage fetishist, all right.

I then proceeded to tease him, spank him, tickle him, pinch him and stroke him. I used the new crop/tawse on his inner thighs, as well as several other spanking implements. I pinched his nipples, through the latex. I threatened to hit the groin area. I did hit it a few times too, though not as hard as I pretended I would. I spoke to him, asking him to fight against the bondage and really feel how helpless he was. I reminded him that people were watching us. 

I carefully unzipped the latex suit... Just the zipper in the groin area. I let his dick and balls out into open air. The rest of him was still wrapped, hugged, covered in latex. I sucked on his dick and stroked his balls, while alternating between hurting his thighs and stimulating his nipples. I love giving a combination of pleasure and pain like that. It's a real mind fuck.

I then removed the blindfold. He was still gagged. Once his vision had cleared, I carefully and slowly let globs of my spit dribble onto his face. It ran into his eyes and down into the corners of his mouth. My spit worked itself into his mouth, because he was lying on his back, and he had to struggle to swallow while still gagged. He felt humiliated and small and dirty. He knew people were watching us, seeing his humiliation. Seeing his body tied down, his dick hanging out, his face being spat upon. And it turned him on like nothing else I'd done that night! 

It was not only the humiliation, or so he told me afterwards, but the exhibitionism. So says the man who used to hate playing in public. And who didn't like humiliation at all. Who still hates public play and humiliation, to some extent. (I blame the latex. He must have been drunk on it. High. Or something.)

Afterwards, I loosened the bonds, removed the gag and he just lay there. Drifting in subspace. I'd removed my gown, as I was soaked through, and just as he started coming back I lay the latex gown over his face. Getting a face full of latex made him drift again. After a few minutes, he begged me to use the latex gown for breath play. 

I enjoy breath play, and know it turns him on too, so I willingly did as he asked. He started petting his own nipples, and begged to be allowed to masturbate. His dick was rock hard. I told him "no". I wasn't interested in his orgasm, and even if he only edged he'd still leak cum and precum all over himself. I didn't want him to soil himself and his surroundings, not our first time at this club. So even though he kept on begging, I told him "no". I held his head down, one hand pinching his nose, the other one pressing the latex over his mouth and forcing it closed. He used both hands on his nipples, while his hips were rising from the table. He was so horny, he was dry-humping thin air. And yet, I told him "no".

After we'd done as much breath play as I felt like doing, I told him to stop touching himself entirely. And then he just lay there again. Drifting. I was in charge, and I told him we were done.

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