Friday, October 28, 2016

Fun with free tying

In the workshop a couple of weeks ago, we practiced free tying. Meaning doing shibari ground work, without any pattern, system or symmetry in mind. The goal in the workshop was erotic bondage, connection, and a D/s power dynamic. But if you aren't really confident in hitches, you rather need "lets practice hitches". Or it could be both.

Saint and I have done both these past few days.

Yesterday, we did free tying on his torso while we were both sitting on the bed. He was leaning back towards me, and it was all kinds of nice and close and hot. And like you'd expect, this derailed into play and pain and sexy stuff. Which is also fun.

(His body against mine, tensing as I hurt him. Pleading with me to hurt him more. His breath, heavy and labored, as I push a hand against his throat. Damn, he's sexy!)

Today, I did more of a pure practice run. I tried to figure out the things I did wrong yesterday, and practiced the kama hitch and the Munter's hitch. In the end, he had five lengths of rope criss-crossing from his shoulders to his thighs. No pattern, no symmetry, but a tight and nice tie.

When the free tying was done, I used the web of ropes to tie him to the bed. Then I tortured his feet, tickled him, caned his thighs, and teased his nipples. In the end, I sat on his face and made him come.

All in all: Two great days. We've had fun with free tying. Hopefully, we'll do it again sometimes soon.

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