Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Feeling exhausted and emotionally raw. Talked/discussed polyamory with my parents for well over an hour today. They were tag teaming, taking turns telling me how "my choices" (loving two men and having open, honest relationships with both of them) were wrong. How I was causing them strain and trauma (!) by "choosing to live this way". That I should "try to be normal", and that I should yield to my parents preferences for me. That they only wanted what was best for me. 

They said straight up that they would have preferred me to divorce my husband, over continuing to have a relationship with him and another man at the same time. That they had no room in their lives for a second son-in-law, while I'm also together with the first. That they believe I'll be harming my future child because of my unconventional life.

I did my best to defend myself, and I think I did a decent job too. I'm hoping these discussions will eventually make them accept me and my family. If I show them, through tenacity, that this isn't some whim or a way to rebel. I doubt they'll ever understand.. But it would be nice to feel accepted. :/