Here's a list of pseudonymes I've used throughout this blog:

People actively involved in my life, as of July 2017 (in alphabetical order):
Arthur: A friend, nerd and gamer, whom I've fooled around with in 2015 and in 2017. He has a strong top/dom/sadist side, but worries too much to properly explore it. I trust him a lot, and he's been able to trigger my submissive side in some fun ways.

B: I got to know her through an online community, and she's now a great real life friend. After getting to know me, she realised she was a lesbian and into BDSM. (Though I'm not taking all the blame for that.) I've promised her that one day we will have sex. I'm willing to wait, though. Me becoming increasingly heterosexual might be a problem, but I hope it's just a phase...

Beauty: A beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman who also happens to be my husband's girlfriend. She's a single mom and lives in another part of the country, but luckily we get to see her quite often. They started getting serious in February 2014, but have been drifting increasingly out of touch by the fall of 2016.

Saint: My sub, boyfriend, and one of my two primary partners. We started playing at the end of November 2013.

Swede: An inexperienced top/dom from Sweden, who's sort of a comet and whom I'm sort of mentoring. We started exploring and learning together in September 2016, but increasingly fell out of touch in spring/summer 2017. That sexual spark isn't there as much, but we're still good friends.

T: My husband, my other primary parter. We've been together since May 2005 and got married in the summer of 2012. He's a top, and can also be dominant, but is somewhat more casual about it than I am.

Previous subs I've had longer relationships to (in chronological order):

Dane: A fairly inexperienced sub from Denmark, whom I met and started playing with in late February 2017. We fell in love and tried to have a long-distance relationship. It ended in early July 2017.

Giant: A guy from Oslo whom I was in love with and playing with a few months in 2016. Really intense, really hot, and over really quickly. We still keep in touch because we're volunteering for the same organisation.

Tight: A guy from Oslo who was my sub from January to November 2012 (or May 2013, depending on your what you count). After that, he got together with Flower (yeah, small world), but they've now split up. We've since played a bit once, which was fun. We might have some fun again at some later date, or we might not.

Corvus: A toy in Oslo, whom I played with for about a year in 2010/2011. Made his own steel chastity devices. Have since lost touch.

Mondage: A toy in Trondheim whom I played with September 09 'til June 10. I ended the relationship when I moved to the other side of the country. Have since lost touch.

Other people mentioned several times (alphabetically):
Book: The wife of a guy who took nude photos of me in the forest once. Book and T and I had a threesome once. I've also fooled around with her husband.

Catalyst: A friend of T from Trondheim. I'm more attracted to him than perhaps I ought to be. He's a natural dominant and I get somewhat of a "bad boy" vibe from him. Subbing for him is a fantasy, but I don't really want it realised.

Donald&Daisy: A kinky BDSM couple, both switch. I've played with Donald a few times and it's been really intense. He's an incredible pain slut, and into heavy humiliation, and challenges my limits and how far I dare to go. There were plans to co-top Daisy along with her dom, but per October 2016 that hasn't happened yet.

Jump: A nerd, friend of War, whom I tried to get involved with in the fall of 2013. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, as we were unable to communicate properly. Loves dancing swing.

Neighbour: A woman living near us in Oslo. Submissive, workaholic, into comic books. Used to be T's on-again-off-again lover for a couple of years, but has gotten herself a monogamous boyfriend now.

Pet: A toy in Trondheim whom I played with in the fall of 2007. We are not a good match and only did a few sessions.

War: A nerd from Oslo, heavily into board games. Used to be my vanilla lover for about a year. We would meet up about once or twice per month, play board games and have sex.

Rarely mentioned (alphabetically):
A: A woman I went to school with for a year in Trondheim, who turned out to be more unstable than I thought.

C: A friend of B, who's since become a great friend of mine as well. She's got very large boobs for such a slim body and I love to oogle and grab them. Her hair is lovely and she does cool stuff with it. And she's quite the geek.

DF: A very cute, young lesbian girl in Trondheim. Submissive.

DW: A woman T was playing with for a short while.

EG: A guy I met and played with once at our local BDSM club, who's been abroad for many years and now lives on the west side of Oslo. Kind of weird. Into tantra and stuff.

ET: A foreign student whom T and I shared for our 5th anniversary.

F: A man from the BDSM club in Oslo, who wanted me to help him quit smoking. Has since disappeared.

Flower: A woman T has played with occasionally, and who's stayed at our house a couple of times. She also dated Tight for a while (small world..).

HH: A foreign student whom T played with a bit. In her home country she works at a sex shop and she likes comics. Has since moved back home.

Larpy: A young switch who's moved to England to study. We played a couple of times before he moved away.

LOL: A young, cute, bisexual guy from Oslo. Studies music. Laughs when he is played with. A top-and-bottom-switch. Has particular aftercare needs that makes us incompatible.

M: A good friend of mine from Trondheim, a submissive masochist. In a relationship with one of the most sadistic men I know. In a good way, ofcourse! :)

Mouse: A submissive shoe fetishist and crossdresser. Unhappily married. From a town outside of Oslo.

S: A friend in Trondheim whom I met through C. Dominant lady, who's got more experience in that game than I do. Or at least she had when I was starting out.

Winnie: An adorable, nice, handsome guy in Oslo. He's a submissive whom I've played with occasionally, but I don't "click" as well with him as I do with certain other subs.