Thursday, December 13, 2007

Girls, girls, girls, I'm looking for a good time...

I'm a bisexual. Not what Norwegians call "bifil", meaning someone who falls in love with both genders, but a bisexual: A person who is turned on by both genders. I know this differentiation doesn't exist in English, but I feel it's useful and fits well to my case. So I'm a bisexual, not bifil. I'm getting turned on by both men and women, but I only fall in love with men (at least this has been the case so far). I generally find that there are more ugly men out there than ugly women, so this really broadens my options.

There are several of my female friends that really turn me on. The one I've known the longest, which only means about a year or so, I'll call B. She's a very innocent woman who's got virtually no experience with sexual stuff. One day I'm going to fuck her, and I've told her so. However, I don't want to be her first sexual experience, as she seems mainly heterosexual and she should get fucked by a man first. However, even if I have to wait for 20 years to get her, I will. I know she'll be worth it.

Another friend of mine, C, has a boyfriend. I probably have no chance of fucking her, not within the next 5-10 years at least. That doesn't mean I can't grab her boobs from time to time, which I do as often as I can. I like that. I grab at B often as well, and she squeals and squirms, but I don't think she minds all that much.

The third female friend that I'm going to mention here, whom I'm not surprisingly calling A, is perhaps the one I've got the best chance of actually fucking. She's got a boyfriend as well, but they are really open to new sexual experiences and such. She's into BDSM, just like me, and is "bifil", so my chances aren't as bad as with B and C. Her bf is, not surprisingly, turned on by the thought of two girls together, and the same is the case with my bf, T. Oh, and A's got really great boobs as well.

I generally have a thing for boobs. I think it's because I don't have that big boobs myself. T has a thing for butts, which is a good thing, because I have a lot of it.

Anyhow, A came to see me a couple of days ago. She is sooo sexy! I've hinted a bit and stuff, and she didn't reject me outright. Anything but an outright NO I see as a positive sign. I don't want to move too fast. After all, I haven't fucked a girl for about a year, and she's never had a girl at all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Orgasms and toys and stuff

I had sex last night. Or rather.. We had sex last night. T and I. It was very, very nice. I rode him until I came, using one vibrating egg inside with (with his dick) and one egg on my clit. Then I lay on my back with my feet on his shoulders while he fucked me and came inside me. That's my two favorite possitions in one go! I haven't had an orgasm while having sex with someone for a couple of weeks, at least, and g-spot orgasms are so much better than the usual clitoral ones.

Actually, I'm kinda lying now. I've never had a proper g-spot orgasm, because it always takes something on my clit to make me come. However, if my g-spot is stimulated, I come longer and harder than usual. This is one of the reasons why I love sex, expecialy haveing a guy's cock inside me. I can make it rub against all the right places, and I come so hard. I always use vibrators when I come. I have had orgasms without them, but they are always shorter, more shallow and generally take a lot more work. So not using any toys just isn't worth it. I'd rather not have an orgasm at all than getting so frustrated because I can't get a good one. I'm very happy that T understands this, and doesn't mind that I bring the toys to bed with us.

I currently have four toys that I use with some regularity. My first and foremost favorite is a small, red-and-back tiger striped egg. Picture: The tiger egg The control doesn't have any steps so I can fine-tune it to vibrate as hard or as soft as I'd like. It's very versatile, because I can use it both on the outside, on my clit, and inside in my pussy. I often use it on my clit while having sex, or even inside me together with T's dick to make me even more filled up.

My second favorite is also an egg, and I often use it in conjunction with the first one, one on the inside and one on the outside. This one has 5 different settings, three that are pulsating at different speeds and two that are constant, one harder than the other. The really cool thing about this egg, which is a bit larger than the tiger striped one, and silver in colour, is that the vibrations are so much harder than any other egg I've ever encountered. That's because it uses a larger battery. In stead of the regular AA bateries that regular vibrators use, this egg has a 3volt battery, like the one you might find in a flash light. It's very nice. Here is a picture of it: The silver egg

My third toy, which I use a lot, especially when I'm mastrubating, is a pink plastic vibrator. It's very smooth and doesn't have a dick-shape at all, which I like. I think dick shaped stuff that aren't real dicks are stupid and have never understood the point. Picture here: The pink vibrator

The fourth and final toy is also a vibrator, but it's made of pale blue silicone. Here's what it looks like: The blue dolphin It smells a bit like plastic, but I don't really mind. The front is shaped like a dolphin's head, so that the snout comes in handy for stimulating my g-spot. It is thicker and with a weaker vibration than the pink one, but that's nice when I want to be filled up. Another really cool thing about this one is that it's completely water proof! I've had a lot of fun with that one in the shower. I think this is enough ranting for one night. I'll post some more here whenever I get the time.

Oh, and one last thing; Just so you know, I'm on birth control pills and have been since I was 16.

And within a couple of days, I'm getting my period, something I'm not looking forward to.  I hate having my period when I'm full of hair, I just feel so unclean and yucky. So I'm planning on shaving my pussy tonight, probably a dry shave because I can't bother taking a shower. As long as I don't do it too often, and my hair is pretty long, dry shaving works just fine.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Me my Pet and T

It looks like the new, local BDSM club is having another meeting in a couple of weeks. There's only been two meetings before this one, both on saturday nights, and they were both a success with a lot of new people. We were at a local bar, and the athmosphere was relaxed and informal. There was more women than men and the average age was just bellow 30, which is very nice.

My bf, T, is usually out of the house on saturday mornings, so this is when I see this other guy (let's call him Pet). Ofcourse, T knows. I would never, ever do anything behind his back. Pet and T are good friends who go a long way back, and this whole thing takes a lot of trust. T is Dominant. Pet is submissive. I am a switcH, so I play with both, though the only one I have sex with is T. (We have to draw a line somewhere.) This way, Pet gets to experience something he wouldn't otherwise get (he doesn't have much luck with the ladies and is kinda shy) and I get to express my Dominant side. I had never really had a play slave before I got Pet, so this is really a learning experience for me as well as him.

We've only had two sessions so far, and it's clear to me that Pet's been enjoying it tremendously. To my surprise, it's actually made me horny too. I don't think it's the Dominance in itself that makes me horny, at least not yet. I've just been too nervous and uncertain to relax into the role. However, I feel like I'm improving. Rather I think it's the fact that I make someone else horny that turns me on. I guess I have a hornyness fetish.. But then again, who doesn't?

Both T and Pet were a bit uncertain at first, which I believe is quite normal. I'm living with T, and truly love him, and Pet is a good friend of his. Triangle relationships like this isn't what's concidered "normal", and I am really the only one with any experience from a BDSM community among the three of us. However, I feel like everything is getting straightened out now. Lines have been drawn, and we have some very clear rules laid down.

On a different note, I haven't had sex since the last time I posted. We haven't really had the time. It's kinda getting on my nerves, though. I wish T would take more inititive. Him initiating the quickies sometimes must be seen as progress, but I'd really like more than that. Oh well, patience, patience.. I guess he'll get there sooner or later. In the mean time, I have vibrators and other toys to play with. I'll make due.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A quicky in the morning

Slept late this morning, which is what I prefer. T came home and snuck into bed with me, just like I was hoping he would. We snuggled for a while, and I suggested we have sex. He said he'd planned to fuck me later this evening. So I let the subject rest, and we cuddled some more. Then we fucked. :D

It was very quick, but I like quickies sometimes. I never come, but that just isn't the goal. I like the closeness and the sexyness and the speed and everything. I like being able to make my man horny.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Horny night

It's 5:40 am. My bf is asleep, and since we live in this tiny, one room apparetement I can't make any noice. And since the bed is tiny and we don't have a sofa, I can't move much. And I've been reading and chatting about sex for several hours, and keep getting hornier.

Just after he came home, he played around with my pussy a bit, fingered me for a short while and then went straight to bed. I really, really need to masturbate, so that's what I'm going to do.

Some other day, I'll update this blogg, telling all about my recent S&M experiences. I need to write about those, just to get them processed in my mind. That sentence didn't make much sense, but it's soon 6 am, so I guess I'm excused.

I love sex

I love sex. No matter which gender, no matter how many people, no matter where or who or when or what: I love sex. This is the blogg where I talk about this beloved activity. That is all.