Friday, March 28, 2008

Sh! New toy!

Some time ago I wrote about my toys. Yes, the ones that run on batteries. Well, as you might recall I have (or rather: had) two eggs that I like a lot. When both died within a month of each other, you can imagine I got quite upset. The first one to go was the tiger egg. Just stopped working one day. Connection issue inside the egg, I think. Very common malfunction, because the cord gets pulled a lot. I don’t care though. They don’t cost that much. Now, the tiger egg was supposedly water proof, so that’s the one I’ve been bringing to the shower. When it died, I brought the silver bullet to the shower instead. Of course, it isn’t even close to waterproof, and so it died as well. Very saddening, especially since I was quite horny at the time.

So when I went to London, I had to go sex toy shopping. T and I stopped by several stores, but most were the common, dirty, dark variety that you find a lot of around here. I say most, because one was very different. It’s called Sh!, and is run by women for women. The only way a guy can get in is when he’s accompanied by a woman. They are always open. Every day. Including Saturdays and Sundays. Until 8 in the evening! Me and T arrived at quarter to seven on our first evening in London, after walking around lost for the past half hour. It was dark outside, raining, and we felt miserable. I entered this bright, warm, pleasant place. Wooden floors. Clean. Well lit. Three women sit around chatting, all apparently working there. One gets up, asks if we’d like a cup of tea and takes away our coats. From that moment I was in love with Sh!. So we walked around there, steaming mugs of tea in hand, looking at all these great toys (at very affordable prices compared to other places I’ve seen). Downstairs there were more toys as well as lingerie and corsets. They even had lingerie for big people like me. On a large table upstairs, many of the vibrators and other buzzing toys were put out on display. Anyone could turn them on and feel the vibration (with their hands, obviously, not any other body part). The staff were extremely helpful and welcoming. All in all a great shop that I’d recommend to anyone going to London.

I bought a new vibrating egg. This one is pale purple in colour and has four settings. The vibration is incredibly strong on the strongest setting. The first two are more than enough for me. But I like that I have the possibility to go higher if I want to.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

BDSM weekend

This weekend the local BDSM club has rented a cabin and is throwing a three-day party just for BDSM people. T and I were there Friday and parts of Saturday, and had a great time! Pet was supposed to be there as well, but he got sick. There was BDSM furniture that had been brought many miles by car from a different town, a real fucking machine, a vacuum bed and a lot of other BDSM paraphernalia. Here are some glimpses from Friday night:

Boobs, sexy clothing.

An intimate and friendly atmosphere, just enough people to get things going.

Touching S, feeling her up.

Sitting at the floor by T's feet.

Being used as a foot stool by S, looking straight up her short skirt.

Being bent over a BDSM furniture, getting spanked by T and S, not knowing who was wielding the flogger/whip/crop. Being in a room with the door open, people passing by and stopping to watch, but me not knowing who they were because I was bent down and not able to see them. A submissive exhibitionist's wet dream. I'm actually getting horny again just writing this.

S using a riding crop on me (same scene as above). Fuck, she's good with it! Actually being DOMINATED and not just played along with for the first time in years. Being brought to tears from the pain, and then touched and petted and comforted afterwards by both S and T.

Being finger fucked (same scene as above) by T, while being stroked and patted by S. Not being sure  who's hands were doing what. I was dripping wet and horny.

Nibbling and biting S' shoulders, neck and throat (still same session). Her moaning and rising up towards me. Her breasts being bare. T touching and licking them.

Giving T a blowjob, right there on the floor (still same place and period of time).

All this time people were going by, watching, listening!

Going upstairs (bedroom, after the previous scene), having sex with T, with an audience of 4-5 people (including S). Not a great success, and I was a bit stressed out and self concious. Neither of us orgasmed. It would have been different with just S there.

It was an absolutely brilliant evening!

And now I'm going to masturbate while thinking about it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sex again

I had sex on Sunday. Twice. Or rather one and a half. Don't really have the time to elaborate on this, but it was the first time in two months so it felt very good. :) I've masturbated more these last few days than I have in the last month or so.

Friday, March 7, 2008

She's making a list, and checking it...

I have come to the realisation that mentally unstable people are not sexy, hot or attractive. They might still be nice and friendly and likeable, but not sexy in the same was as sane people are.

I really should have come to this conclusion before. Oh, well.. That's one girl off my list.

On the other hand, there's a new girl on it: S. She's a tall, beautiull girl, who's sexy in a kind of funky way. And she (like all the rest) have gorgeous breasts. She's active in the BDSM organisation I've talked about. Oh, and mostly because of her and C, B is slowly getting her eyes open to BDSM as well.