Friday, October 31, 2008

Using a butt plugg all on my own

I bought this rather small butt plugg (looking like this) months ago, because me and T were planning on experiementing a bit more with anal play. Then real life happened, and just having regular sex was demanding enough. Experimentation would have to wait for us to have more energy as well as more time on our hands.

Then last night I felt horny and wanted to masturbate. The last few times I've done it, I've gotten tiny ruptures in the sensitive skin down there, probably because I'm too impatient and horny to give my body time to adjust. Anyhow, that's not a nice feeling. And allthough I'm more than wet enough on my own, I've been recomended to use some lube as it'll actually lube me up better than my own juices. So I descided I'd try it out. And since I had the lube out anyway, rubbing it in just a bit further back wasn't that big a step.

Now, my lube is amazing. It's not one of those nasty, oil-based ones. And it's not a water-based one that just dissappears and you have to use tons. It's silicone-based, and I love it! Just in case any of you want to get it for yourself.: Here's a picture. It's called Pjur Original, and is sentless, tasteless, with no oils or perfume. It can be used on/in any part of the body, though I wouldn't recomend eating bottles of it. For regular use, a bottle will last you for ages; as just a few drops is all you need each time.

I've had stuff in my ass before. Both objects, sex toys and people's fingers. In fact, one of the best orgasms I've ever had was with a vibrating butt plugg up my ass (along with various other toys in various other openings). But it's been several years, and I've never actually done any anal play alone before. So I lubed up and expected a hard time.

It wasn't actually that difficult getting it inn as I'd feared (though I must have been a bit too rough, as it did hurt a bit later that night). And I guess it didn't feel half bad. However, it didn't feel that wonderfull either. Yes, I do suppose I felt fuller. And I did get a very nice orgasm while it was up there. But I don't think the orgasm would have felt any less good if it hadn't been there at all.. So all in all, it was fun having done it. But I probably won't do it again in a hurry. Not alone anyhow. With a partner it might be different, because I'd really like to try out real anal sex.. And the butt plugg might be a good warm up for that.