Sunday, March 22, 2009


We (T and I) wached more Beck-porn. This time it was one about a magical viking horn that makes women horny. I greatly prefer the first one we wached, as this one has annoying background music and a sillier story. Ofcourse, we only made it to the third sex scene before we stopped and went to have sex ourselves, but then that was the whole point.

For the first time in ages (I think it's been over a year), T went down on me. We actually did a 69, with me on top. It enabled him to breathe (which is what's been stopping us previously), while still allowing me to relax my body. Giving me the chance to keep giving him a blow job at the same time, was definitly an added bonus. *grin*

The penetrating sex itself was also very nice. Even though I was dripping wet, I still applied some lube. Afterwards, I wasn't sore at all, so I'll call that a sucess. Our position of choice this time was me riding him. It was actually the very first position in which I got an orgasm with a partner, back when I started having sex, which is why that position is rather special to me. True to form, I got a very nice orgasm today as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fucking machine trouble

I haven't written here in quite some time, simply haven't had the time. What finally prompted me to write was the sex T and I had last night. It was really late, and he mentioned how me might have sex the next day. This.... inspired me. I was just supposed to touch and smell him a bit, but then of course I just had to give him a blow job. *grin* I love going down on a guy, especially him. Next thing I know, we're having sex on the couch. Turns out, it's a bit too narrow for comfort, so we moved into the bedroom. And then we fucked some more. It was very nice. As this was kind of a "quicky", not having a long foreplay or anything, I used some lube. As I'm not particularly sore today, I guess it worked.

There's really just been one noteworthy event since I last wrote, but that sure was noteworthy! In the middle of February, "my" BDSM organisation hosted another weekend-long party. I enjoyed myself tremendously. In fact, my butt was bruised for over a week afterwards. *grin* I just love the IKEA shoe horn called Omsorg (translats to "care"). After over half an hour or various spankings, I broke down and cried. That felt soooo good. It's been ages since I did that, and it gives me such a release. An emotional reset, so to speak.  

At the party, I also meant to try out a fucking machine that someone had brought. Turns out, I'm just too tight for it. Other women used it without problem, and the dildo attached wasn't THAT huge. I might have handled it with some more foreplay, but I wasn't in the mood for foreplay, I was in the mood for fucking. I masturbated first, and had an orgasm. That usually makes me relaxed and wet enough. With tons of lube, I was able to get it in, but it was just so uncomfortable. I was rather disappointed, as fucking machines are a rather large fantasy of mine... Oh well, there are smaller attachments available online. Perhaps I'll buy one.. We'll see.