Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sex during my period

When I was younger, sex during my period was an absolute no-no. The last few years, I changed my mind, but I'd never actually tried it. Until last night.

I use a menstrual cup during my periods, which make me cramp less and generally feel cleaner and more relaxed about it all. I think that was part of the reason why I decided sex would be ok. T and I have talked about doing it before, and concluded that we would both be ok with it. So I didn't feel concerned about him either. We warmed up watching more of the same Beck porn movie we started last time. Then I removed my cup and freshend up a bit, brought a towel and we went to the bed room. I didn't want him actually touching my pussy with fingers or tongue. I just didn't feel comfortable about that, and he didn't seem to feel the loss. So we fucked. I think we tried out three or four different positions, and I got a great orgasm while riding him.

I'm glad I used some lube, as relying on the blood to lube me wouldn't have worked. There was surprisingly little of it, even though it was the second day of my period (and thus the day with the heaviest flow). All in all, it wasn't much different from regular sex. I'm glad to have tried it and broken that "taboo", and might do it again. But I won't strive to do it at every opportunity.