Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not crazy

At least not at crazy as some people...

Read and weep: The 5 most baffing sex scenes in the history of fanfiction

I actually think numer 5, with Elrond and Picard, was the most horrifying... Though Indiana Jones and Tom Riddle (a young Voldemort) was also rather.. Mind breaking. *shivers*

Quotes from the article:
"Please pause here and take a moment to savor the thought of Hugo Weaving "nuzzling" someone. Really fix that image in your mind."

And for all you Harry Potter fans out there, I share your pain.. Try making ANY sense out of this sentence:
"They flew to the nearest Portkey and lingered there, licking vinegar-stained fingers and making excuses not to go home until Fred grabbed George's damp hand and held it over the half-chewed acorn."