Sunday, September 27, 2009

Increased frequency

This spring and summer, I haven't had much sex. I was pretty certain that would pass once both T and I got back to work/school, and got more routine into our daily lives again. And I was right.

Remember, we had sex last weekend? Well, we had sex today as well. Another round of weekend-morning-sex, which you know I love. It's a long time since we've had sex as often as once per week, and I really hope this trend will continue. Perhaps we'll be able to increase the frequency even more... I'd really like that!

T is really great with his fingers. I lay over his legs, touching and sucking his cock, while he stimulated my g-spot. After a while, I couldn't focus on his cock anymore, the stuff he did to me was just too good. We used some water based lube, which felt kinda odd after having used the silicone based for so long, but it worked like a charm. I'm not sore at all now, and it's just been a few hours. The orgasm I got from his fingers was really, really good.

Afterwards, we fucked, using that position we've discovered that doesn't strain T's back: Him lying on his back, propped up on some pillows. Me between his legs, my legs underneath his, like a mixture of a backwards cowgirl and a laying/sitting doggy style. Tricky to explain. While I "rode" him (not the right term, but I did most of the moving so it's somewhat appropriate), he used his thumb around my anus. Not inside, just applying some pressure and stimulation on the outside. It felt really, really good. That area is really sensitive. The best thing about this position was that I made him come. Usually, there isn't enough stimulation, as I can't get the tempo high enough. But today, it worked very well indeed. 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mondage in Bondage

Remember I said that my interest for the BDSM community was rising? Well, yesterday I made a big comeback in the BDSM organisation in my town. Yes, I've always been around, but I haven't really been active for months.

One of the guys in the organisation, who I'll name Mondage (because his name's on M, and he's into bondage), had written a fair bit about his fantasies on Fetlife, and I'd kept asking questions and trying to figure out what he enjoyed. I've played with him a bit before, but usually as someone else's assistant. But after all our conversation, I'd decided I wanted to take things a bit further. And I did.

It started out in the pub where we usually all meet up, me holding his hands so he couldn't move and such. Pretty innocent really, but I promised him he'd get more from me after we left. The after-party took place at another member's apartment nearby, as it's done several times before. From about 11:30pm until about 3:30am, I played with him. T was sitting in another couch most of the night, fondling various women and waching the show. First, I tied Mondage in a hogtie on the floor, one of the things he'd said he liked. He got gagged and blindfolded, another thing I know he loves. He's not that much into pain, and is terribly ticklish (in a not good way), but I gave him a few slaps with a paddle and generally had my way with him.

After about an hour and a half in various hogties, I untied most of the ropes on him. Not long after, as a way of "grounding" the both of us, I gave him a back rub. And you know my love for biting... Well, I just couldn't help myself, I started biting his neck and shoulders. It's probably the smell of a horny man that does it. Anyway, he's previously expressed a dislike for biting, he's simply too sensitive so it hurts too much. I was adamant to prove him wrong, forcing him to let me keep biting, nibbling and sucking on his ears, neck, shoulders and back. And what do you know? Even though he was complaining it hurt and he didn't like it, his hard on just got harder! Fascinated by this, I kept going. I considered it might just have been caused by the ropes on his wrists, making moving his arms very difficult. But the reactions I got truly varied with the intensity and placement of my nibbles.. I even tried out some very light breath control, something I've never tried before at all. It wasn't something I planned, it just seemed right. He hadn't expected to enjoy it either, but he truly did. A new fetish discovered, or so he told me afterwards.

At the end, I was biting, pinching, grabbing and raking his chest, stomach, nipples, neck and ears pretty roughly. Stuff no one had ever been able to do with him previously, he was suddenly enjoying tremendously. Whether it was pain, pleasure or a mixture of both, he couldn't tell. It was just intense sensations, and he was loving it. I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do with him, because we were after all sitting in another man's living room, with people on all sides. We eventually cooled things down, and I told him to go get dressed because I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him otherwise. 

It was a wonderful feeling. I truly enjoy having my way with men, hurting them or pleasing them as I choose. And I love, love, love when I see a hard cock rising in his pants, knowing my actions caused it. In a way, that cock is mine. Or at least the pleasure he feels is something I have a kind of ownership to. It's hard to explain properly. And I enjoy giving BDSM-related experiences to the inexperienced, having sort of a tutor role. Again, it's a power thing I think.

Ah, that was truly a great night. I hope he'll let me do something like that to him some other time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great weekend

This weekend was just lovely. It's been months since T and I have had a weekend consisting of two lazy mornings waking up together and not rushing off somewhere. We even went to bed at the same time the nights before, which doesn't happen often either. I just love sleeping until I'm rested, waking up bit by bit next to him, dozing with his arm around me or his legs wrapped around mine.

In view of this, it should come as no surprise that we had sex yesterday morning. I truly feel that morning sex in the weekend is the best sex there is. It's a combination of waking up together, being warm, rested and relaxed, and knowing that there's no need to hurry.

I love, love, love giving him blow jobs. I could almost (but just almost, mind you!) do without sex entirely, if I could just give him a blow job every so often. It's so intimate, so close and he smells so delicious. Oh, that smell, it's like a drug for me! Besides, I just love the feeling of having a guy's cock between my teeth; not only is it almost a sensory overload of goodness, but it's quite a power trip as well.

This information doesn't come out of the blue,  of course. The sex did end up with me giving him a great, long lasting, blow job. It was quite a bit of work, and I did end up using just my hand for the last few seconds, but it felt very satisfying for both of us. That's another power trip that I love: Having a guy come in my hands, knowing that I could stop it and take all that pleasure away from him if I wanted to. And of course it's a reaffirmation of my skills as a lover, which is quite a little confidence boost in itself.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Going up!

My interest for BDSM, both the BDSM scene and the general practice of BDSM, has it's ups and downs. One cycle takes about three or four years, give or take half a year. Luckily, the low points last alot shorter than the high ones. I've had a very low point this past half year, but I feel I'm on my way up again now. This is partially due to a couple of new aquantances I've made these last couple of weeks, both of them Dominant males without much practical experience.

Something in me wants to take care of them, teach them and give the confidence. Not because I think there could be any permanent agreement between us, I've got a boyfriend already and besides I'm really just interested in single scenes. It's partially, like I said, because I'd like to help them. And partially because I'd like the thrill of a new person involved in my sexual life, a fresh outlook, new techniques and ideas. Not to mention I'd like to experience BDSM play to a greater extent (as in: more often) than I do these days. I don't think I'd fuck any of them, even if it was permitted, but one can do alot of fun BDSM stuff without it ever comming to sex.

These are interesting times, I'm looking forward to what the future will bring. :)