Sunday, October 25, 2009

My hobby

I played with Mondage yesterday for several hours. I keep pushing his boundaries, this time I managed to get him completely nude (ofcourse with permishion from T). I also did something I've wanted to do for ages: Tie him up and throw him in the shower. I don't know why this particular thing has had such an attraction to me, it's probably because of the power trip again. I mean, forcefully soaking someone while they're dressed isn't a daily occurence.

The BC ("breath controll", not "before christ", doh!), the tickling, the scratching, the biting and nibbling and licking. I spanked him quite a bit, taught him why some things hurt more than others (with the appropriate demonstrations). I won't go into all the details here, like I have before. It's getting to be more of a routine now, I know what I do and where I want to go with this. I have some long term plans, some short term plans and a head full of ideas for future play sessions.

What I wanted to talk about here are the long term effects this playing has on me: I felt it particularly well yesterday. I started the day being in a very bad mood, hormones fucking my body over because I'll be getting my period in a few days, feeling angry and upset for no reason what so ever. Having to work on Mondage, focusing on him and his reactions, doing to him whatever I feel like (within certain limits ofcourse)... And obviously becomming turned on myself, by his reactions as well as the power I was wielding in itself... It made me happy. Later that day, a friend commented on my mood. He said I seemed happy and content. And I was.

I've thought about it this week: Playing with him regularly has helped me become a more balanced person. By all means, I wouldn't call it life changing or anything. Nothing on that scale! But I can feel that these sessions do me good. It's like any hobby you imerge yourself in, I suppose. Some people go skiing, I tie and torture an innocent young man. It's my thing and I like it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Car, surprise, unplanned, in daylight.

Crowded parkinglot.

Hat to blindfold, scarf to bind.
Sweaty, dirty, smelly, lovely.


at my comand.

Hooked. (Sucker)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another bondage pic

Thought I'd add the best picture from Friday's play session with Mondage. Later, we got the shirt off him, which looked imensly better. But ofcourse then I forgot to take pictures. So this is what I've got. It's somewhat uneven and would have looked better with all-black ropes in stead of a mix... But you use what you have available. It's a start at least, and I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm learning.

The picture says it all, click for link

I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A new relationship

Stubby arrived yesterday, which was faster than I'd expected. However, I'm not complaining! I got to trie it out yesterday (funny, I want to say "him" in stead of "it"), and there is no doubt in my mind that it was worth the money. This is without doubt the best sex toy I've ever tried.

Not everything is perfect ofcourse. The "handle" is a bit too short for my taste and the controlls will take some time to get used to. And ocourse, the usual problem when I masturbate: My arms aren't long enough. I could use another inch or two, as well as an extra joint in the middle of my lower arm. But hey, you can't have everything. And science fiction aside, Stubby is a very, very good toy.

The design is just lovely, the toy looks great, has no smell and a great texture. It's just hard enough for my taste, and I find that I just want to sit touching it, petting and stroking it. That's a reaction no other fake dick has ever produced in me before. The vibrations are strong, REALLY strong. You get alot of shaking from those 4 AAA bateries, significantly more than I expected actually.

The most interesting thing, for me, was that with Stubby I don't need another toy on my clitoris. The "skirt" of the vibrator makes my entire pussy vibrate, and although it doesn't go all the way up to the clit the vibrations are so deep and strong that I don't need it. Yesterday's first orgasm was just incredible: I put it in, turned it on, fiddled with the controlls for a bit, found a strength I enjoyed, and came. I never even touched my clitoris at all, which I don't think has ever happened before! The second orgasm demanded more work from me. I tried adding another vibrator on the clit, but it just felt annoying. A disturbance, kinda. So I ended up just using my hand, which eventually made me come again.

I think I'll need some time to get really used to Stubby, we need to get to know eachother properly and such. But I can already feel that we'll probably develop a great and loving relationship.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

After the fact

So this is the report from the play session I told you about in my previous entry. It played out pretty much as planned, so I won't bother repeating all of it. I'm really pleased with my timing during the actual play. My sense of time tends to get a little crazy when I'm distracted like that, but this time we got through most of the "program" in little over an hour. Which was very much like I'd planned it. It gave me time to prepare the public play bondage in my own appartement, having him drive his car with decorative ropes on his arms and such.

One thing I didn't write up in my previous post, but which I had thought about doing some time soon, was have him jerk off while tied down. Previously, he's just come without any direct stimuli from either of us (just the ropes and him lying on his stommack). I wanted it done to further his trust in me and further habituating him to the fact that his sexual life might actually involve another person occationally. I didn't actually see his dick (his hands were in his boxer shorts) and I didn't do any of the touching, ofcourse. Basically, I hogtied him and got him really worked up. Then I turned him onto his back, and ordered him to masturbate until he came. He was blindfolded and gaged, but I kept touching his chest and head, doing breathcontroll and giving him the occational pinch. I refused to let him dream himself away to somewhere else and forget that I was there. I was partially expecting him to refuse all together, and I'm really proud of him for daring to do it. Being gaged and blindfolded probably helped, but if he'd wanted to protest he could have done so. I'd expected him to take alot longer in actually comming, as doing something like that in front of someone else isn't easy. In fact, he came rather quickly. Soon after I removed the gag, but left him tied up and with the blindfold on for a bit longer.

He only got to stay at the BDSM party for about an hour before he had to leave, and he had his arms tied behind him (like the picture I showed in my previous post, kinda) most of the time. About half the time he was gaged and blindfolded as well. I got to lead him around a bit, but not as much as I'd wanted. The lack of a colar is heartfelt. He's ordered a posture colar online (at my urging), but it isn't the most comfortable for long-time use. I might take him colar shopping at a local pet store some day soon.

All in all I'm very pleased with his progress. He's alot less tense when we're playing now, daring to trust me and do as I want him to do. There's probably some submissive tendencies in him somewhere, but up untill now they've just been overwhelmed by his fetish for bondage. When we aren't playing, he's also becomming more used to my presence and generally more trusting. He jokes alot, smiles more than he used to and just seems more at ease. All in all, I'm pleased to have him as my toy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Planning a session

It's the evening before another play session with Mondage, and this is yet another entry I won't post until afterwards. I'm writing this now for you to get a view on how I plan stuff like this. Now, first of all this session will be special because we have very little time. Here's the preliminary scedual (I don't usually plan as detailed as this, but like I said: Limited time):

3pm: I show up at his place. We eat. I might start the teasing here already, touching him, grabbing him and holding him down. Perhaps wrestling a bit. We'll see.

5pm: By now we should have arrived at my place and started playing. We'll only have the time for one position, which will probably be the hogtie. I'm contemplating spreading his legs wide open, perhaps using an improvised spreader bar of some kind... Or just tying him to the table legs. We'll see. I'm also thinking I'll introduce some more real pain this session, probably by using a riding crop on his thighs. There will definitly be the usual teasing, nibbling, biting, scratching and breath control. Perhaps I'll use ice cubes some more. I hope I can make him come, though I won't have much time to do it.

7pm: By now we should be done, and preparing to go back to his place to dump the bondage gear and leave the car. We'll be going by buss to a BDSM party at a friend's place. Either in my appartement or in his, I'll have hopefully tied him into something like this. Once we're ready to leave his place, I'll tie his arms together in a tightened version of this. Then I'll dress him in his outer jacket, and we'll go catch a buss. I know he's been dreaming of public play, and this is a quite safe way to do it.

8pm/9pm: We'll be arriving at the party around now. I plan to keep playing with Mondage there for as long as I can. Among other things, I plan on blindfolding and gaging him (which I know he loves), as well as show off the bondage work I've done (assuming I've made it work at all). I might keep him on the floor, to be used as a foot rest, at least for a short while. I'm not sure, it depends on who else is there and what they're up to. Mondage will have to leave at 10pm.

So those are my plans for the evening, let's see how the day actually plays out. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stubby in the mail

I just ordered a new toy. The one I was talking about a few days ago: Stubby 3G.

I did some research and discovered that ordering it in a Norwegian online store cost about the same as ordering it abroad. This is news to me, but I think it might be related to the fact that FunFactory is German (and not for example American). Well, buying it abroad might be a hint cheaper, but with the toll costs as well as the added waiting time before I get it, it isn't worth it at all. Several Norwegian online stores stock Stubby G3, but the cheapest one (when all additional costs were tallied) was Lek&Kos. They look kinda.. Cheap. So I'm a bit sceptical.. But they were almost 100NOK cheaper than the others, so I'm willing to give them a try.

It should be here early next week. I'll try it out and let you know what I think then. Before that, I'll probably write at least one other blog entry. You see, I have another session with Mondage comming up on Friday, something I'm really looking forward to.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bondage pictures

With his permishion, I'm here publishing two photos of Mondage. The first is some bondage work I did yesterday. It isn't flawless, you can see I did a couple of mistakes, but it's the first time I've tried that technique and it worked out quite well. The second is from the last time we played, in a friend's appartement after a BDSM organisation meeting. It's just a basic hogtie, not very pretty or anything, but it got the job done.

A nice way to start a day

T and I had sex today. The lazy, just-woken-up kind of sex. We used the reversed cowgirl/lying doggy again (me riding him backwards, but with his legs spread and me sitting between them, my calves underneath his thighs), though I still don't really know what to call that position. Any suggestions?

For the first time, I think, I actually had an orgasm while he was fucking me like that. And a good orgasm it was too. Slowly building, so slow in fact that I didn't think it would work out. But it did, and it was good. He came as well, just as I was about to come. Simultaneous orgasms aren't that common for us, though we've done it before several times. I like it. A nice way to start a day, I feel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A long day of bondage

After having talking about wanting to do it again for almost two weeks, Mondage and I (and T) finally found a day that was good for all of us. So today, while T was away, Mondage came to see me. He arrived at noon and left around 8:30pm. We played until 7pm, with about an hour's dinner break around 4:30. I'm writing this, just before midnight on the same day, but I won't post it until later. I've asked him to write about his experiences, and I don't want to influence his writing with my own thoughts. So I'll save this for now and post it some other day.

Technically (and chronologically), I can divide the day into three different bondage positions: First, I tied him to a chair. His clothes were still on, and I used it as a warm-up to what was to come later. I blindfolded him for a bit, but didn't gag him even though I knew he wanted me to. Late in this position, I started doing some light breath control. Then I untied him, and lay him on a thin madras on the floor, where I tied him into a hogtie. At this point, he wore nothing but his underwear. He started out with his legs together, and I changed it up after a while so that he had his legs apart. The we had a dinner break, and afterwards I tied him flat. His legs together, his arms down his side, really tight but quite comfortable as well (as I knew he was getting tired at this point). He started out on his back, and I moved him onto his stomach after a while. In this later phase, I did some very cool bondage work on his thighs. I'm quite proud of that, to be honest.

I used a combination of leather cuffs, chains and ropes. Two sets of cuffs for arms and legs gave me points to attach ropes on both wrist, upper arm, below the knee and at the ankle. It worked really well. I primarily used chains with snap-hooks (quick-release hooks) to attach the cuffs to one another, and then ropes to make it all tighter and tying down parts of the body not held tight by the cuffs. I had some fun with a plastic shoe horn from IKEA, but he isn't really into pain so it was mostly teasing and scaring. I also played around with ice cubes for a bit, which was great as he's very ticklish. We briefly tried hot candle wax, mostly for him to try what it was like. None of us found any great pleasure in that, so we quickly gave it up. He's got a big thing for gags, so some of the time he was gaged with a ball gag. I also tried gaging him using a wooden clothes' pin, which he absolutely hated. He was also blindfolded a lot of the time, by a so called "sleeping mask" (they hand them out to you at the night train in Norway, and they work great). 

Generally speaking, I'm very focused on the oral sides of sexual pleasure (and pain). For example, I love it when someone nibbles and sucks my ears and neck, and someone going down on me is just fantastic. This also translates to my own activity. I love going down on other people, and I generally love using my mouth for all kinds of things. Now, by the deal I've made with T, there would be no touching of bare genitalia (and my clothes stayed on all the time, so there was certainly no receiving either). But that didn't stop me from doing stuff with my mouth on other parts of Mondage' body. I bit, nibbled and licked his nipples, ears and neck, among other things. At one point I bit and pinched my way up his back, for example.

He's a big fan of breath control, so we experimented a bit with that. I held his mouth and nose closed with my hand. He wore a gag that blocked his mouth, and I closed his nose using my teeth. We also tried out some careful pressure on the throat, using hands, mouth/teeth, rope and chain. We both concluded that it felt a bit too risky, and besides he got more of a kick out of having his mouth/nose closed off. The longest we tried was 15 seconds, and I probably won't do much more than that in the future either. 15 felt really, really long. In fact, 10 seconds feels long. Most of the time, it was between 5 and 8 seconds, and that worked just fine. The point is the control (or lack of it, in his case), not the lack of breath.

He had two orgasms in just a few hours. Once in the hogtie, and once in the end when he was tied flat. It felt a bit like I'd won.. He tried so hard not to do it, and I tried to stimulate the rest of his body to such a degree that he couldn't hold it in. I won. He's so responsive, so easy to read. And he's quite easy to influence, teach, call it whatever you like. So young (which is odd since he's almost two years older than me). It's a matter of experience, I think. I keep smiling, whenever I think back on this day.

Of course, all this playing turned me on as well. After he'd left, I masturbated and had three orgasms. All in all, it was a great day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toy shopping

So, last Saturday I went toy shopping. The egg I bought in London only works occasionally, the dolphin is made of a material which attracts dust and dirt (which I dislike, and besides I've had it for about 5 years now!) and the hard pink vibrator is getting worn as well. The Rock Chic has it's uses, but the vibrating is only on/off, so I don't use it that often. I had basically nothing left that I enjoyed using frequently.

I'd planned to invest in a vibrator from FunFactory, but couldn't decide on one. The small ones looks great but are... well.. small.. And the large ones look so freakishly large, I'm not sure I'll be able to use it much. And for that price, I want something that'll see frequent use. I dragged T to the shop today and showed him the large one that I prefered (which was the "Patchy Paul"). After surfing around online today and thinking about it, I've actually changed my mind: "Stubby" is my guy. Because, let's face it, I don't need a huge, long vibrator. I need something powerfull and propery curvey that will stimulate what I want stimulated. And I'm pretty sure Stubby can do that. It, he, excists with a 2G (2nd Generation) motor as well as a 3G motor. I think I'd prefer the 3G one, even though it's more expensive. I've read up on it, and besides the price difference isn't that huge. Not to mention that the 3G version excists in black! Hehe! In any case, I suspect it needs to be ordered online as I haven't seen G3 in any Norwegian stores yet.

What I did end up buying was a new egg, this one wireless. So far I'm pleased with it. I would have prefered simple vibrations in various intensities over all these programs, but you can't have everything. Two or three of the programs are ok. The rest are pretty useless. But it makes me come, and that's the most important part, really.

On impulse, I also bought a new ballgag (with breathing holes), because my old one broke a long time ago and I wanted a new one. Besides, it was really cheap.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Self-administered pain

A few days ago, I did something sexual that I've never done before. I hurt myself on purpose while masturbating, to push me into an orgasm. To be precise, I pinched my nipples until it started hurting a bit. Not much, but enough for it to be more than just touching. That this actually worked for me was rather surprising, as touching anything but my pussy while masturbating has never done anything special for me. Touching my arm and touching my nipples was much the same thing, and I just figured that's the way it was. When other people do it, it's something very different. I can't tickle myself either, I thought it was much the same thing. Turns out, pleasure doesn't do anything but pain does. I'll need to experiment with this some more...