Thursday, April 29, 2010

Must.... Document...

So yeah, life has been crazy these last couple of weeks. Still, I feel an overpowering urge to document the little BDSM-related stuff that goes on. Last week, Mondage spent Friday evening with me, being played with. He slept over, but I didn't have the energy for any more playing the next day. There was an incident with a vibrating egg that got stuck, but we got it out and no harm was done.

There, now I've documented. Now I can sleep. :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A blast from the past

T and I had sex the other day. And it was niiice. I don't know what made it especially nice this time, but his cock in me just felt wonderful. More wonderful than before, somehow.. Can't explain it, hope to experience it again. :D

And the last couple of weeks, I've played once with Mondage and once with Pet.

Yes, indeed.. With Pet! He seemed quite desperate for some attention, so on an impulse I payed him a visit. :) It was quite late, and his roommate was sleeping in the next room, so we had to be somewhat quiet. Still, I did some bondage. Some spanking. Some discipline. He started out saying that he just wanted to be beaten, and didn't even want any code words. After actually beating him around a bit, he took that statement back. He's no masochist, that's for sure!

Although this was just for fun, and not a serious commitment.. I think it was well worth the time. I notice I've really developed as a dominant since the last time I played with him. I've grown and I feel more secure in my place now. He said I seemed more confident as well, which is good. :)

Playing with someone else really made me realize how lucky I am with Mondage. I just enjoy playing with him so much more than I do others.