Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another toy on trial

Tonight was interesting, more interesting than I'd thought beforehand. I'd suggested to Corvus that we meet up and talk about what had happened and such. He's all new to everything, so his head is rather full of thoughts and I wanted to help him by talking him through it. Besides, I need to know what goes on in his mind if I'm going to control and affect his thoughts and emotions in any significant way when we're playing.

We met up sometime after seven pm, at a rather deserted bar in the city center. And then we talked... Contiuously. Until midnight! I got to know him a lot better. We talked about everyday subjects like food and music, but mostly we talked BDSM. I tried to find out as much as I could about him, and succeeded relativly well. I know much more now about what his previous experiences have been like, what his major kinks are, what he doesn't want to try etc. He still gets somewhat flustered talking about all this, but for a guy who hasn't been a part of the scene for more than a few weeks he's doing fairly well.

Corvus says things that ressonate with me. The way he describes submission and his motivations for it largely correspond to why I sometimes choose to submit. Although fetishes are important to his sexuality, he's not only a fetishist. Throughout the evening it became increasingly apparent that he's also a submissive. I like that a lot, I find it exciting. But it also scares me a bit, because I have conciderably less experience dealing with someone like that. However, I enjoy the challenge.

The talking also established some key facts. He knew or had guessed them already, but they should also be spoken out loud. First and formost I stressed that my fiancée, T, always would be number one with me. I would always seek his approval and would never do anything with Corvus (or anyone else) that I don't think T would be ok with. We also talked (briefly) about disease, and like I suspected he's all clean. I also questioned him regarding phobias, illnesses, medical history and other such important issues that I want to know. Safety is very important to me, after all.

We'd previously agreed that he'd take me home, as he was driving in that direction anyway. Once we'd driven out of the center and had just turned off the highway again, I asked him to pull over somewhere and park the car. He didn't question my request and we parked outside a gass station. There we stayed for almost two hours! I did to him some of what I did to Mondage last fall. I used what I had on me and tied him up inside the car. A narrow belt from my jacket tied his hands together and attached them to whatever I wanted (first the steering weel then the head rest). My bonnet/hat made a decent blindfold. My jacket tied his overarms tight to his body. And then he was all mine to do with as I pleased.

For me, it wasn't anything new or revolutionary. Pinching, scratching, biting combined with licking and stroking, in an unpredictable pattern that kept him on his toes so to speak. And a bit of breath controll, quite easy and short, just to give him a taste. But for him, ofcourse, this is all new territory. I triggered emotions and reactions he didn't know he could produce. For a while there, he was pretty high on a BDSM rush. What perhaps suprised me the most was that his reactions made the event special for me as well. There was no routine, no repetion, no boredom. Because him, the subject, was new and that made all the activities new as well.

We talked for about half an hour or so afterwards, still parked outside a gass station. What really pleased me was that he not only had enjoyed the bondage, the situation, the exhitement and the kind of pleasant things I'd done. He'd also greatly enjoyed the pain. The mixture of pleasure and pain was what he concidered the sweetest of all. This made me realise that he truly is a submissive, he might even have a slight masochist streak, and that fits me and my ideas very, very well. He liked it! All of what I did to him! I'm very happy right now.

Even before the playing, we both agreed that Saturday had been fun and we wanted to play more. I'm amazed by just how quickly I've found a play partner here in Oslo, but I guess I shouldn't question it. Just be pleased that it's working out. I'm realising more and more that this Dominant and Sadistic part of me is not something I want to shut away. I truly love doing what I do, and I'm very happy to have found someone down here who likes what I'm doing.

I still miss the BDSM scene in Trondheim and the people I came to know and care for up there. But so far, Oslo hasn't been that bad. I might come to like it here too.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spontantious sex, planned bondage

The plan was that T and I would meet up with B, Mondage and a new guy I'm naming Corvus at Sexhibition. That's a fair/sales convention/exhibition for the erotic industries in Scandinavia, that is held in Oslo each year. Mondage would be comming home with us afterwards, staying at our place for the weekend.

As T and I were about to get dressed and head for the bus, T decided he needed to "claim his territory". So we fucked. It was quick but it was good. Everything just worked really well, and as always his dick tastes wonderfully.

In town, I first met up with Mondage. I'd promised him some public bondage, and so I build a simple harness on him at a semi-crowded mall. We then walked to Sexhibition, his hands tied in front of him. He seemed somewhat humiliated by that and eager to get indoors somewhere. We met up with Corvus, who's got a thing for bondage as well. I'd met him a couple of times before, and decided the first time I met him that I wanted to play with him. I tend to get attrackted to those shy, insecure guys who's been dreaming about BDSM for ages and never gotten to experience any of it. Inside Sexhibition I did some more bondage on Mondage, always somewhere that Corvus could see what was going on. I was trying to show off some of my skills, tempting him and having him imagine what I could do to him.

Mondage felt much more secure at Sexhibition than he did out in the streets, and I had fun with all the attention we got. I did manage to get ropes on Corvus once, around his arms. He got rather stressed out, so I released him. Like Mondage, he doesn't like the idea of public bondage, motsly because he's so shy.

It's somewhat difficult to remember what Mondage was like when we first started playing. So uncommunicative, so imprescise in his responses, I was mostly fumbling along blinding trying things out. He's gotten a lot better now, he's able to tell me what he enjoys, he's more prescise when I ask him wether or not he likes something and he's discovered fetishes he didn't know he had. Corvus is a lot like what Mondage was in the begining. And he's even older than Mondage, so he's had longer to settle into his way or doing and saying things.

I played some more with Mondage. We did a short but intense session (approx. 1 hour) in the guest room of our appartement. I put him in hogtie and gaged him, like I usually do, and then I did a bit of tickling, pinching, scratching etc. He got pushed over the edge and came when I did some breathcontrol at the very end. It was fun. Prooves how well I know him now, that I can get so much play out of so little time.

What really pushed him to high levels of hornyness was when I rubbed the spit that had driped from the gag back into his face. His mind thinks it's discusting, but his cock loves it and that shows. I think it's the inability to escape the humiliation that makes it such a powerful stimulant, but I'm not sure. I suspect that he'd come to love facesitting/queening too, for the same reason. And perhaps, eventually, getting spit on or peed on. Though he'd probably tell you otherwise at this point, because his mind tells him it's discusting and he shouldn't like stuff like that.

While I was playing with Mondage, T got a visit from B and a girl I've decided to call HH. HH would be comming with us to a party at the BDSM club here in town and then sleeping at our place afterwards. Mondage was going to a concert first but would stop by the club sometime after midnight. B came with us out to dinner, and then T, HH and I went to the club. We met up with Corvus, who'd been there for a couple of hours already and was insanely bored. Few people, nothing much happening etc. My finacee, T, knew I wanted to play with Corvus and encouraged me to do so.

I had a perfect excuse to tie Corvus up, because I'd promised to help him take measurement for a custom armbinder. That required tighter tying than I'd normally be comfortable starting out with, but luckily Corvus is really supple and handled it well. Once the measuring was done, I didn't untie his arms right away. In stead I tied him to the wall in the play room. He's the kind of guy who enjoys the challenge of getting out of bondage, as opposed to Mondage who'll just lie there and enjoy the experience of being tied up. Corvus requires a firmer hand and a more restrictive pose, as well as locks and knots he can't reach. I've never played with someone activly trying to get loose, and really enjoyed the experience. The mental challenge of out-smarting him, as well as the satisfaction of seeing him struggle and fail, it was very pleasant... Not to mention quite ammusing. I didn't do much spanking, just a couple of passes with a paddle. I did however do some biting and quite a bit of pinching and scratching. But no intense pain work yet, I think he needs to take things one step of the time.

Eventually, Mondage arrived at the club as well. I proceded to tie him to a cross and gag him, whilst Corvus was tied up just a couple of feet away. I noticed, however, that it was dificult to pay enough attention to both of them. One would invariably be left alone while I was busy with the other one. And since Mondage was gaged and Corvus is so new at everything, that wasn't a situation I felt comfortable with. So I untied them both, and put both in hogties on the floor. Once Mondage is in a hogtie, he just wants to be left alone to enjoy it. The positions enabled me to focus fully on Corvus whilst keeping half an eye on Mondage at the same time. This worked out well, but wouldn't have worked at all if both guys had been more demanding.

Playing with both DID give me lots of attention. The party was open to anyone, so there were a lot of currious people walking around. I like attention, but I don't let my playing get ruled by a crowd. I do what's best for me and the subject(s), no matter what an audience might think. In the future I'd prefer to just play with one at the time, as it gives me more control and a closer bond with the subject.

Corvus seemed pleased with the experience. It's a bit dificult to tell, because I don't know him very well, but from what he said I think he enjoyed himself. He's really dived right into the BDSM scene, and just a month or so ago he probably wouldn't have thought it to be possible. I feel proud and very pleased to be his first, and truly hope that I get the oportunity to play with him again. Having walked this road once with Mondage, I feel a lot more secure now. I know what I'm doing and I know a lot of things I'd like to put Corvus through and the approximate order I want to do it. Ofcourse, Mondage and Corvus are two different individuals, but their fetishes are similar enough that at least some of the experience I've gotten with Mondage can be translated into working on Corvus too.

While I was busy most of the evening playing with Mondage and Corvus, T amused himself with HH. It wasn't planed, but when opportunities do arrise he's not the one to say no. He fondled her quite a bit and even ended up spanking her and caning her. This surprised me, but I think it's great to see him activly taking part in BDSM-activities as well.

Both Mondage and HH were sleeping at our place, but once we got home we were way to tired for any playing or fondling. We went to bed, and I figured that would be it for the weekend. I was wrong. Mondage left early this morning, but HH stayed for quite a while. We got up late, had some brunch and then just chatted for a while. I let her try on some of my fetish clothes, and at one point when all she was wearing was a short dress, T started fondling her again. I joined in, and when I started on her upper body he moved down. It ended up with him fingering her until she came, right there standing in our kitchen. I hadn't really been in a sex mood, so I mostly just supported her and helped her stand up. Still, it was fun to be a part of the whole experience.

She left shortly thereafter, and I've been typing ever since. Now, I will go mastrubate, as all this writing about sex has made me horny. Fascinatingly, it's the bondage and humiliation of Mondage that made me the most horny, and not the fingering of HH in our kitchen.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Before I forget

I'm trying to use this blog to document every time I have sex and every BDSM play session I'm involved in. So before I forget:

Had sex with T approximatly two weeks ago. At his parents' house, where we were staying at the time.

Played with Mondage once more. Because I had the time for it. A lot of bondage in the back of his car, which worked well. And I took him into the woods and tied him to a tree... Which worked REALLY well. Unfortunatly, I can only stand mosquitoes and ants for so long.. So we didn't stay out long. Still, it was fun. :)

Next weekend, he's comming to visit me. And we're probably going to Sexhibition together. And that will probably involve some public bondage. :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving out and moving in

So we've moved out of our appartement in Trondheim, and with the help of some great friends we managed to get it sparkly clean in just a few hours. Then we drove to Oslo, and with the help of a couple of good friends managed to carry all our stuff into the appartement we're renting here. Lucky we had help because it was pouring rain and if we hdn't been quick a lot more cardboard boxes would have disintegrated.

Since Monday, we've been busy trying to get stuff packed out and such. There's been a few bumps on the road.. Like the washing mashine not fitting the water fosset here, so we had to get a thingy from a hardware store.. Twice. And we still have a leak, meaning I need to go back a third time. And realising late Monday night that our bed finally has given up on us, having to de-assemble it again and throw it out. We've bought a new one now, and also invested in new matrasses and such. Which obviously cost money we hadn't planned on spending on that.. Let's just say we'll do without curtains for a while.. :P And like my fiancée's computer breaking down... It's just a bit of extra stress that we really didn't need right now.

On Wednesday next week, we'll travel back up to Trondheim for a big LARP event in that area. And once we get back, it's time to start dealing with the real world... Jobs and such. So there's a lot going on and there's a lot on our minds.

And yet.. With all that.. T and I STILL had sex earlier this week. He's getting really good at initializing it, and I'm getting good at not rejecting the notion out of hand. I know that whilst I might not be in the mood right now, a bit of cuddling usually gets me in the mood pretty quickly. :) I take it as a really good sign that we're still having sex with all this stuff going on in our lives. :)