Thursday, April 26, 2012

New toys

I was going to post a sex-related meme. But upon reading it closer, I realised that most of it wasn't about sex after all. Besides, I usually hate other people posting memes, so why should I make the same offence?

It's been a while since I updated this blog, but not much has happened. Tight has been sick for ages. One thing relieving the other. His back, his eye, his mouth, his back again, his stommack etc... It's getting silly, how much that guy is getting sick these days. His back is still touchy, and can't take much manhandling. So a lot of the really fun activities I have planned, have been postponed indefinitly. Well.. Not indefinitly, but untill his back gets better. And we have no clue when that will be.

In the mean time, he's been paying off his (monetary) debt to me by buying me sex toys. Not the usual vibrating kind, but stuff more geared towards BDSM. Stuff I told him to get me, obviously. First, we bought a strap-on dildo. I already have a harness that I wan't to try out, but if it doesn't work (I got it terribly cheap a few years back), I'll buy a proper one myself. The second thing he bought for me (to use on him) was nipple clamps. These are horrible, wonderful little bity things. With small weights attatched. Lovely. Those, we've already tried out, and we both love them. :)

I'm really looking forward to tying Tight down and giving that ass of his a good fucking. His back isn't well enough for that yet, he's all tight (haha) everywhere. Including in his ass. So no, not yet, but it'll happen sometimes soon, I hope. I long to do this so much, that it's even affecting the kind of pictures I share on my Tumblr. T is accusing me of becoming very single-minded. The majority of my re-posted pics are of men, tied down in positions that makes them easy to fuck. And men getting fucked. :P

What can I say? I'm the kind of woman who knows what she wants. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Interviewed by Dishevelled Domina

I have been interviewed by a fellow blogger who calls herself Dishevelled Domina. She has previously done a series of interviews with submissive men, and is currently posting her interviews of dominant women. I'm one of those women. Here is a link to the interview at her blog.

I've followed her blog for several months, perhaps close to a year, and would greatly recomend it. She also has a wonderful Tumblr feed with pictures of BDSM relations where the man is on the bottom. She rarely, if ever, posts typical porn pictures of femdom, but in stead focuses on the man and the act of submitting. Which is straight up my alley, too. :)

Inspired by her Tumblr feed, I started my own. First, it was just a way of gathering pictures that I could use to tease my previous sub, Corvus, and from these humble beginnings it got it's name: Heels for the Raven. As that relationship went south, I kept maintaining my tumblr feed. In stead of pictures of heels and corsets, meant for somebody else, I started filling it with stuff that I found interesting. I think this was healthy for me: To focus more on my own desires and needs.

These days, I follow several other Tumblr feeds (Dishevelled Domina's is one of them) and pick my favorites from those to repost. Following Heels for the Raven should give you an idea of what I find sexy, interesting and funny. I post stuff I find inspirational, as well as stuff that simply turn me on. Though I must admit, several times my search for cool pictures to post has been interrupted. I got so turned on by all these pictures, I simply had to go and masturbate.

There are so many beautiful bondage pictures out there, what else is a horney girl to do? :P

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A vanilla threesome at a BDSM party

Yesterday there was another BDSM party at our local club. I'd made quite a few plans for that evening, people I was going to hang out with and play with and such. Unforutnatly none of my plans actually worked out. My sub is sick and couldn't leave his bed, much less join me at a party. The friend of me and T who was supposed to spend the weekend at our place, ended up not coming after all. And the aquintance of Tight, who we're trying to introduce to the BDSM scene (he wants it, he's just scared), chickened out at the last minute.

So when T and I left home yesterday afternoon, I didn't have much hope for action. I expected a calm evening of socialising, which can be nice in itself, but isn't the main reason why I attend BDSM parties. T was somewhat disillusioned as well, as the girl he usually plays with was on holliday and the other girl he has been flirting with had to work and wasn't available. Most of the evening turned out to be exactly what we'd expected. Calm, quiet, social, but no action.

Usually, if nothing has happened by 1:30am, nothing will. Last night was the exception. A woman I know from a very different social context was at the party, I'm calling her Book. She's the fiancée of the guy who took nude photos of me in the woods last summer. I never really got a wibe from her that she was interested in us, or in anyone for that matter. It was her birthday, and also her first oportunity in over a year to go out with friends and have a few drinks. Her fiancé wasn't with her, but a few other friends of hers were.

It was late, she was fairly tipsy and a friend of Book encouraged me/us to hit on Book and fondle her a bit. I thought it was all just a joke, but T encouraged me to go along with it. And so we did, one on each side of her. When I kissed her, I realised that she was more keen than she'd let on. Under her very controlled and composed exterior, was a woman who hadn't had much sex lately. The alcohol enabled her to let loose a bit easier, but she wasn't drunk. Since we were in a no-play zone, we quickly had to move to a different area.

I kept being surprised by the fact that she didn't stop us. I'm used to fondling people who are more timid, who either need a bit of encouragment or who draw a hard limit somewhere. For example no touching the crotch area, or something. She didn't seem to have any such limits at all. More suprising (and this might be because of my low self esteem) was the fact that she wanted me/us at all. She is physically fit, beautiful, but at no point did she seem to have any second thoughts about us. Even with my big thighs and belly flopping about, as I eventually got naked. I talked this over with T afterwards, and he felt the same way. This is a confidence boost, for sure.

What I loved about having sex with Book, was that she seemed genuinly interested in including both me and T. She could very easily have excluded one of us, or ignored one of us, if she had only wanted one. She didn't. She touched and kissed and fondled us both. And she wasn't just a passive recipient either. This is a welcome change from the other threesomes me and T have had. They have been more Vs than triangles. Ofcourse, we still focus most on the third person. After all, we came on to her, so it's natural that she is in the center. However, at the end of it, we were all three naked. All three were wet and turned on. All three had had their hands on eachother at some point. Much more of a proper threesome, in other words.

She came twice, both times with T's fingers inside of her. I tried doing the same, but didn't get the right technique. I think I worry too much about being too rough, since I need such a light touch myself. And I haven't really had sex with a girl for almost a year, nor have I done it that many times, so T has much more experience than I do. It's only natural, but of course I wish I could do it as easily as he does.

At the end, just before the club closed, Book worked on T so that he came too. If we'd had more time, and been somewhere a bit more private, they would probably have given me an orgasm as well. She seemed very interested in that. However, I was really, really tired, and my asthma was acting up. I just didn't have the stamina for it, and I told her so. I don't think I would have been able to come there anyway. It's more tricky with me, than with many other women I know.

We didn't get to chat much afterwards. The club was closing, and we were the last one there, so we just found our clothes in a hurry and went outside. She walked us to the bus, intending to find a taxi on the way, but our bus came earlier than expected and we had to run. What is so nice with her, just like with her fiancé, is that she is wonderfully accepting, open and uncomplicating. I don't really think we (the three of us) need any more "aftercare". There is no worrying about what happens now, or what this will do to our relationship. She's obviously done this before, as have we. She's in a safe place in her relationship, as are we. There are no "but"s. It was hot and sexy and fun, and now it's over and we move on. It's as simple as that.