Sunday, October 6, 2013

Go ahead and Jump

Yes, the title is a reference to a song I heard in the tv-series Glee. You can see the video here. It's kind of silly, I know. :P Guilty pleasure.

Two quick updates:

I did a photoshooot last weekend, together with Tight. It really reminded me how much fun it is to play with him. We did a bit of light playing, but when you're performing in front of a camera, it's not a real, full play session.

I wanted him to spend the night with me, and he wanted to as well, but his new girlfriend (Flower, whom I've talked about before) didn't want that. Saw him again yesterday, again hoping that we could have a proper session. Again, Flower said no. I don't know why she's so possessive/jelous. It's not as if she's got anything to fear from me. She's giving him something that I never can: Love. Shouldn't that make her feel secure enough?

Damn, how I miss playing with someone I know! Someone whom I can read, and whom I can play like an instrument. His every breath, his every sound, the tension of minute muscles in his face and arms, they all give away information. Having him under my fingers felt just lovely, and I miss him. Sure, there are aspects I don't miss. We probably won't be play partners again, ever. But the occationall session would have been really, really sweet.

I still have a vanilla relationship with War. He's my lover, and has been for quite some time now. I have recently gotten the keys to his appartement. I feel so comfortable with him, and with our arangement. There's very little thrill, very litte developpement, in what we do and how we interract. But it's nice. It's tender. And it's very, very good. There are some things/techniques we've just given up, he doesn't have the patience to learn them and/or I'm unable to teach them. But the rest... Damn, he's become good in bed! He REALLY has learnt how to turn me on. It took a while, but man... It was worth it. And all that without BDSM. I'm still amazed by that, frankly.

Since we're both so busy, we don't see eachother much. I still spend a night or two there a week, but usually I arrive so late that he's already gone to bed. So not much time for any action, or anything at all really. That's a pitty, but it's life.

I'll have even less time now, because I've started flirting with a friend of War as well. I'll name him Jump. It was actually War who planted the idea in the first place, so I'm blaming him. :P Just like War, Jump has had very few, and fairly bad, experiences with women. His confidence is low. He's a nerd. He's very intelligent, with an interesting personality and is genuinely a good person.

But just like War, he's so socially inept that these great traits are difficult to discover. And just like War, he triggers the "renovator" in me. :P I want to help this guy, and I think I can do him some good! However, unlike War it seems that Jump has a genuine wish to change. He's made some pretty major changes in his life over the past couple of years, and is in a process where he's getting more confident and more used to being around (non-nerdy) women. Hopefully, I can build on the great work he's already done.

I've been flirting with Jump for a couple of months, but since we've met so rarely there's not been much to it. However, after War planted the idea of me taking it a step or five further, I've started stepping it up. The last couple of weeks have had more frequent encounters, and it culminated in last Tuesday when he came to the BDSM club with me.

He let me blindfold him and tie him to a wall. I was surprised he let me do that to him, and didn't just bolt. He looked like that's what he wanted to do. I stroked and petted his neck, back and chest, both outside and inside his clothing. Turning him around, I asked if I could kiss him and was granted permission to do so. More petting ensued. After having untied him, we fondled and kissed some more. He got a taste of my tits as well.

It all stayed above the belt, meaning it was fairly innocent by my standards, but it gave him a craving for more. Unfortunately, he's just as busy (if not busier) than War, so we won't get to see eachother that often either. We have a "date" (for want of a better word) of Friday the 18th... That was the first day we found where we were both available!

So yeah, not much happening on the BDSM front, but interesting things happening in the world of vanilla.