Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weird but interesting

This polyamorous lifestyle sometimes ends me in weird, though not unplessant, situations. Right now, I'm sitting in the dark, in my bedroom, waching Netflix. I'll be going to sleep soon. In our livingroom, my husband is fondling another woman. And it was at least partially my idea.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fairy power: Fun with new vibrator

T recently bought a new sex toy. A Fairy, which is a wand-like vibrator with a power cord. It's similar in design and function to the famous Hitatchi Wand, but the Hitatchi isn't sold in Norway/Europe. 
Running on power out of a socket in the wall, and not on batteries, this vibrator is REALLY powerful. So powerful that I found it painful to hold in my hand, when it was set to it's strongest setting. Ofcourse, I'm really sensitive. I can't take much stimulus before it turns painful. On it's very lowest setting, it feels like a strong, but pleasant vibrator. Which is much more to my taste.

I've tried strong vibrators before, but they've mostly been rechargeable or simply way too powerful for me. I've also found that there are differences between vibrators in terms of how the vibrations feel. Some have a high-pitched "hizzing" or "buzzing", others are more low and rumbling. I guess it's got something to do with the frequency of the vibrations or something. In any case, I've learnt that not all vibrators suit me, and it's impossible to know for sure until I try. I was home alone today, and took the oportunity to try the Fairy.

The vibrations were really, really strong and took some getting used to. I had to start at the very lowest setting, indirectly. As I got more used to it, I could use it more directly on my pussy. Then I came once. A short cooldown period with indirect stimulus, and I went back at it. A tiny bit stronger now, and I came again. Stronger this time. I wanted to try it a third time. It took more work, but I managed to come a third time. That was enough, my pussy felt swollen and tender and I was slightly dizzy.

After the third orgasm, I looked at the Fairy's settings. The highest setting I'd used, still was in the lower third of the Fairy's possible strength. In conclusion, I made the Fairy work for me, even though I'm really, really sensitive. I don't think I could handle it being used on me, as it would quickly go from pleasant to painful. But alone, it was pretty damn fun.